Be Discovered for a Brighter, Whiter Smile

Darlie has recently launched a series of toothpastes which target on teeth whitening.

  • Darlie All Shiny White (Enamel Care)
  • Darlie All Shiny White (Regular)
  • Darlie All Shiny White (Lime Mint)
  • Darlie All Shiny White (Apple Mint)
  • Darlie All Shiny White (Mineral Salt)

For this new range of toothpastes, Darlie has come up with its television commercial on Channel 8, Channel U, Channel 5 and Starhub Cable TV (award-winning cable TV network in SG) since this month April 2012!

We all know that some users in SG don’t really watch local TV channels but are subscribed to Starhub Cable TV. This explains why Darlie has collaborated with Starhub Cable TV. I think this is a good idea, especially where Starhub Cable TV is quite a vast network in SG, the goodness of Darlie toothpastes can be reached out to more consumers!

Not only that, Darlie is proud to be the main sponsor for Sunsilk Academy Fantasia!!

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia is a popular singing competition where viewers get see the progress of how participants and winners are groomed into becoming a singer from start to finish! Sounds like a grand show? Yes it is! The best part is, Starhub Cable TV will be importing Sunsilk Academy Fantasia to SG!

With Darlie as Sunsilk Academy Fantasia’s main sponsor, I bet it’s going to boost up the confidence of the contestants for the singing competition! Why? It’s because they get to sing widely and smile with white shiny teeth!!

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia will be broadcasted on Starhub Cable TV in this July 2012. It’s going to be a blast, don’t miss it!

Just when I am looking forward to catch Sunsilk Academy Fantasia, the Sample Store mailed me a huge box recently!

Darlie overdose! Darlie has sponsored me their 5 new flavoured toothpastes! OMG!

Dah dah! A whitening travel kit was also included!

Sharing what these toothpastes are all about in this blog post!

This whole new range from Darlie is all about shiny and brighter teeth. There’s something unique in it.

Darlie All Shiny White is developed to target on teeth whitening and enamel care.

What makes teeth whitening efficient in this new range is its 50 million of SWA (Speedy Whitening Agent) whitening molecules that work to remove stubborn stains on teeth surface! It is clinically proven that teeth whitening results can be seen in 14 days!

I sure need these 50 million of SWA! Due to daily coffee, my teeth isn’t as white as before. The yellow stain has become stubborn stain. As a blogger, having a white smile is very important to me. Taking photos has become my weekly routine. Most of the time, I will have to camwhore myself with beauty products. Having brighter and whiter smile, the photos tend to capture more attention from readers, and in return readers are more keen to check out the products that I will be reviewing in the photos. It’s something like an overall image shown to my readers. Not only that, having a nice shiny teeth helps me to stay confident and better interaction with media friends and brands.

My review: Darlie All Shiny White (Enamel Care)

Tooth erosion does happen when we are taking not enough care for our teeth. Tooth crown is actually covered with a highly mineralized substance/tissue called enamel. Enamel helps to protect our teeth by absorbing pressure when we bite or chew, so as to ensure a nice teeth structure. When tooth erosion happens, enamel tends to thin and teeth becomes sensitive. This is when we have toothache when taking too hot, too cold or uber sweet foods and drinks.

Enamel is therefore very important and tooth care needs to focus on tooth erosion other than teeth whitening.

I totally enjoy brushing my teeth with its minty taste and scent which really helps to keep my breath fresh for a couple of hours unless I stuff my mouth with spicy/garlic food.

My front teeth tend to be very sensitive when comes to frozen ice cream. Despite having a sweet tooth, I have to hold the ice cream on my tongue for awhile before stuffing my moth with more ice cream. Over stuffing with ice cream will cause my front teeth to ache.

After using Enamel care for a week, my front teeth are still sensitive to ice cream. Just that the aching is lesser than before. 🙂

Gota really use it daily for a longer period of time to see more better results.

Other than Enamel Care, the other 4 flavoured toothpastes focus on removing stubborn stain. These toothpastes contain the wonderful 50 million of SWA (Speedy Whitening Agent) whitening molecules that work to remove stubborn stains on teeth surface.

Darlie All Shiny White (Regular)

This is like its original minty flavour. A good choice for those who don’t like flavoured toothpastes.

Darlie All Shiny White (Lime Mint)

It has got this lime scent which helps to freshen up bad breath!

Darlie All Shiny White (Apple Mint)

Even before I open up Apple Mint, I already could smell its fruity scent! It’s the apple sweet scent!

Darlie All Shiny White (Mineral Salt)

Contains mineral salt which helps to keep the mouth, teeth and gum in good health.

It has been a week since I started using Darlie All Shiny White Enamel Care toothpaste! Teeth brushing has never been so cooling and anticipating before!

Giveaway from Darlie!

Catch the Darlie Angels to get a FREE 40g Darlie sample & stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

Darlie Angels will make their appearance at the following locations,

21-22 April 2012: FAirPrice Xtra AMK, FairPrice Xtra Hougang Pt, FairPrice Woodlands Civic

28-29 April 2012: FairPrice Xtra Nex, FairPrice Bedok A, FairPrice Tiong Bahru Hub.

(Time: 11am – 3pm)

Have fun!

Darlie All Shiny White range is available at all supermarkets, hypermarkets and medical pharmacies at a recommended retail price of S$3.15.


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