KOTEX LUXE Latest Innovation Launch – No more worry about sides and back leakage!

KOTEX® believes that there’s no need for the ladies to compromise their lifestyles and habits whenever the time of the month comes. Things that most of tend to compromise:

  • Wearing dark-coloured clothing to prevent embarrassment during leakage
  • Wearing a super long and thick sanitary protection during sleep nights, as if we are wearing adult pampers
  • Less outings during that few days

And the list goes on.

To get rid of all these compromised activities, KOTEX® had developed a newly invented technology on sanitary pad.

Attended a media preview by KOTEX® to witness the innovative invention for sanitary pads.

It’s a very intelligent invention! Imagine a pair of protective guards which tend to rise up gently to prevent side leakage when they sense an amount fluid flow?

Haha, yes it’s now true in real life!

The first-ever intelligent Pro-Active Guards that rise gently upon fluid contact, creating a true cradling fit that’s closer to the body to protect women in the knowledge that they are safe from embarrassing incidents.

KOTEX® with Active Guards are available in 2 types,

  • KOTEX® LUXE Ultrathins (23cm, 28cm, 32cm)
  • KOTEX® Soft & Smooth Overnight (28cm, 32cm)

Ambassador of KOTEX®  this year was the pretty babe, Velda, one of the 3 owners of blogshop, Love Bonito. She shared with us how the new invention from KOTEX® had changed her lifestlye and she was daring enough to wear a white skirt during her those-days-of-the-month.

For myself, I have been using sanitary pads from KOTEX® for quite awhile. I love how fast the fluid is absorbed into the pad and how soft the material is. The length and thickness of the pad are suitable for my preference as well.

And of course it has “wings”! I cannot survive sanitary pads without “wings” which help to secure the pad on the panty.

An additional point from KOTEX® is its WOW! designs which never fail to cheer me up with the nice florals and pastel colours on the sanitary pads.

I did my own mini test to witness the activation of the ProActive Guards.

Here’s a clean sanitary pad from the KOTEX®.

A close view look at the sides, the ProActive Guards are flat and unactivated.

I prepared a piece of wet tissue paper soaked with tap water, had an appropriate amount of tap water dripped from the tissue paper onto the sanitary pad.

The process was a slow one, less than a minute. As more water were being dripped, the side ProActive Guards rose up gently!

Below is a snaphot when the side ProActive Guard rose up even more after awhile!

The activation of the ProActive Guards is very slow and gentle. One can hardly feel anything when wearing it.

The theme that evening was “ULTIMATE LEAKAGE DEFENCE“. KOTEX® had actually invited the professionals to demo and teach us some basics on Aikido!

It was a very informative session! The professionals had come to each of us to try out the different defense strokes, and I must say some of the strokes were really very very painful despite they are simple!

The whole event was meant for girls and was held at Hosted on the Patio. We were treated with some light snacks while finding out the new invention by KOTEX®.

Had nice time meeting the other bloggers as well.

KOTEX® brand sanitary pads with the ProActive Guards are now available at all major supermarkets and convenience stores island wide.

Here’s a list of estimated selling prices quoted from KOTEX®.

Can’t wait for my those-days-of-the-month to come, to try the new invention from KOTEX®!

Check out this Facebook App to find out more about ending your compromises during your menses days!


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