#Review# Keratinology by Sunsilk – Advanced Reconstruction Program

Keratinology was launched on September 2011. Keratinology is like a sister brand of Sunsilk. And together with some bloggers, I was invited by Keratinology for a event, to find out more about this brand. Keratinology was also very generous to provide each of a complete set of the products to try them out.

It’s right now my complete set for my seriously dry and damaged hair. Have just started using and am still monitoring the results. But some of the products are already giving me instant result each time I use! Read on to find out which!

Keratinology is like the perfect haircare to achieve nice-looking hair, like when you just come out from a salon.  This brand has won a couple of awards from:

Cosmopolitan Inaugural Beauty Awards in March issue for
“Best Leave- In Hair Conditioner – Drug Store”
“Best Heat-Styling Product – Drug Store”.

Most of us will probably wonder why our hair seems to be so pretty and smooth every time after a salon visit. Yet after a wash, the results are all gone. One of the reason is because some salon processes (or treatments) can damage our hair’s inner structure, hair then loses its protein, Keratin. As time passes, hair becomes dry and damaged.

Keratinology is developed to work with salon treated hair, so as to maintain the good condition achieved from salon for up to 6 weeks after a treatment.

By using its new innovation, advanced Pico technology, the good condition from salon treated hair can now be more long lasting. It contains powerful nutrients that are 1000 times smaller than nano!! With this Pico technology, penetration of the nutrients into the hair fibre is so much deeper and intense than usual.

There are 3 ranges in Keratinology.

Korean Bounce Therapy is suitable for permed hair with curls. Contains lightweight formulas to nourish and strengthen every inch of the hair fibre, right down to the permed tips which are the most brittle and weak part of the hair. Hair will feel soft with bouncy curls.

Sun-kissed Colour Therapy provides special care to coloured hair. Helps to nourish and repair hair fibre, sealing the cuticles to lock in hair colour and ensure long lasting shine.

Advanced Reconstruction Program helps in treating dry and damaged hair through intense nourishment and reconstuction. 5 days of usage is like recovering the hair damage which was accumulated for the past 1 year.

Inside Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program…

There are a total of 6 products to complete the range.

Shampoo and conditioner are the basics. This shampoo is a Detoxifying shampoo to ensure all dirts and residues are cleansed off from the hair, to prep the hair for the next haircare. Surprisingly for me, the shampoo doesn’t make my hair feels dry despite it has the capability to give both hair and scalp a thorough cleanse. The next haircare to be used is of course the  Express Treatment conditioner. It provides deep conditioning to the hair and also help to start reconstruct the hair immediately. Hair is more easier to manage after conditioning.

Just like how often we mask out face, the hair needs a weekly hair mask as well. Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Hair Spa mask penetrates 3 layers of the hair fibre! It also helps to seal up the cuticles to prevent shine loss. I love how soft and smooth my hair feels after using it. A good tip will be to apply it on towel-dried hair, clip up with hair and leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing. My hair tends to almost zero tangle after rinsing.

Other than daycare for the hair, night care is also necessary. Overnight Reconstruction comes in. This is my favourite product. It’s non greasy and very lightweight to leave it on through out the night. It also helps to prevent my hair from further moisture loss while sleeping in air-conditioned room. It contains  nutrients for the hair, provides intense repair for up to 8 hours as I sleep. The next morning when I wake up, my hair feels smooth and light!

My first time to know a haircare which comes in two tiny tubes for a 2-step hair treatment. Dual Shot Treatment is its name. Step 1 helps to provide intense repair, and step 2 helps to lock in the shine and smoothness of the hair.

This is necessary just like our skin. After giving it all the moisture and nutrients, sealing up all the goodness will help to ensure a long lasting and better results.

For those who tends to blow dry the hair, or performs DIY curls on the hair occasionally, Heat Protector Spray is going to come in handy. When the hair is frequently exposed to heat from hairstyling tools, the hair tends to turn frizzy or gets brittle. But with this Hear Protector Spray, it acts as an protective later on the hair and helps to prevent the hair against breakage and frizz.

Keratinology Advanced Recontruction Program has all the products necessary to reconstruct the hair to its healthy state, it’s definitely worth to try them out.

This bloggers event was held at Novus.

We were treated with a full course sumptuous lunch.

And was also told about this new app which helps to find out more about our hair and how Keratinology can help to improve our hair conditions.

It was fun! You may want to download the app and try it out!


Detoxifying Shampoo – $11.90

Express Treatment Conditioner – $11.90

Hair Spa Mask – $21.90

Overnight Reconstruction – $19.90

Dual Shot Treatment – $22.90

Heat Protector Spray – $17.90

Keratinology is available exclusively at Watsons stores.


One thought on “#Review# Keratinology by Sunsilk – Advanced Reconstruction Program

  1. It was really helpful information….i wanted to ask whether keratinology helps in the hair growth as i have gaps….i need hair growth there…can this help me?
    can u tell the price of the advanced reconstruction products in whole in indian rupeees?

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