Glow My Skin with Astalift from Vanity Trove!

Yay! Received my trove from Vanity Trove today!

The pretty pink box is MAD LUV!

Here’s what the March trove from Vanity Trove gives:

March trove consists of 7 different beauty products which are also the 7 steps, and if used regularly, a glowy skin can be achieved!

Out of the 7 products, ASTALIFT White Shield Drink caught my attention! It’s also the biggest-sized (50ml) item in the trove!

It’s actually a collagen drink in peach yogurt flavour, and helps to maximise collagen absorption into the skin!

Vanity Trove‘s March trove is really lovely. The folks have included some scented dried flowers and leaves! Hmmmmmmmmmmm! Smells so nice can!

Seriously, the dried petals and leaves are too pretty to be thrown away! I am keeping them for sure! Prolly place them on my dressing table till the scent is gone.

Incase you haven’t heard of Vanity Trove, I’m gonna summarize what it’s all about in this blogpost.

From its name, it’s pretty easy to decipher here. Vanity means being a vainpot, loving all beauty stuff, dressing up and stuff. Trove is like a treasure chest filled with loads of gold. But in this case, the Trove is a cute box containing all the beauty treasures to satisfy our vanity! Hence the name Vanity Trove!

Registration is FREE but subscription isn’t. But each subscription per month will mean a new Vanity Trove being mailed right to your doorstep!

The beauty goodies inside the trove are different every month, and this is why the pink box excites and surprises me every month!

And I get to dip myself into the luxury of enjoying the different troves every now and then!

*Extra surprise*
Be sure to catch some additional surprises from Vanity Trove!

Like right now, 1 lucky lady will be picked to win a pair of tickets to catch “The Vow” at an exclusive preview on 26 March.

Just need to follow the below 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Print The Vow Card (
Step 2: Fill it up with your quirkiest beauty vow.
Step 3: Snap a snot and upload it as your Facebook or Twitter profile. Tag “I made my beauty vow with @VanityTrove”

Contest ends 24th March. *Good luck*


Look out for an exclusive workshop coming up in April! Stay tuned at Vanity Trove website!


5 thoughts on “Glow My Skin with Astalift from Vanity Trove!

  1. i personally think that vanity trove is not as good as before. the purpose of beauty boxes is for us girls to try different products but now it looks as if they are doing an advert for astalift. utterly disappointed.

    • not as good as before? do you mean that they should not have packed only astalift into the trove, but should also include other brands? Hmm.. true, true. I have thought they just want to let us experience almost the whole range, that’s why…

  2. Hello Shannon,

    We actually have two types of beauty stories this month. One is a full-trial range from Astalift while the other is a mix of products from different beauty brands (which you might be familiar with). This exclusive trove with Astalift that Tiphanie received is an experiment of a new style of beauty boxes not done before. Really, it isn’t wrong, it’s just something unique that some ladies might prefer over a mix of products! Beauty discovery takes on in many forms, doesn’t it! 🙂

    To Tiphanie, I’m glad you loved your trove and I hope you’ll make your beauty vow soon! Good luck! 😉

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