Collar Necklaces Addiction and Addition!

Following my first buy of collar necklace mentioned in this blogpost, I’m officially hooked to buying more!

My loot from Taobao arrived! This was the one I missed it at Smooch previously!

The beads look like they are glued to the collar cloth but they seem to me the workmanship is pretty good, so far, no beads has dropped off! *touchwood*

The clasp of the collar is well-secured. It doesn’t get loose and is clasped firmly through the day.

My 3rd piece collar necklace from a spree at Flair-closet.The waiting time though a few weeks, was really killing me, especially when I was so hooked to collar necklaces.

This piece is slightly thinner than previous ones.

I love the sequins with the white pearls attached along the perimeter of the collar necklace.

The only problem I have with this one is the clasp. It keeps getting loose, quite annoying. Gonna find my way to sew it closer, close the little gap to avoid it from loosen.

Looking classy anytime with it!

4th piece is here from Smooch!

What attracts to comment for this piece is the bling bling scattered on the collar necklace! They look too bling to be missed! Quality and workmanship are fab fab fab! Even though it’s a little ex, I don’t mind!

I actually wear it in two ways! I think it’s not so bad-looking to wear the ribbon sash on the front right?! I don’t know, I guess I just have to find suitable top to pair with “wearing style”.

I received a lot of glimpses when I wore it once! I bet it means my collar necklace is chio? *thick-skinned*

As of today, all in all I have only 4 pieces collar necklaces. 1 more is coming up soon! It’s from Smooch! I missed my chance getting it during the launch hence am joining their BO. Cannot wait to receive them anytime soon!



7 thoughts on “Collar Necklaces Addiction and Addition!

  1. The one from Smooch was super super nice! If you love collar necklaces, you should make a trip to Bangkok soon. They have loads of collar necklaces around and they’re pretty cheap as compared to Singapore. My friend managed to ‘kope’ one back for me, it’s around the same design as smooch’s, after converting, it’s less than $10 😀

    • Yes yes, very nice!
      they should be very much cheaper in BKK! I heard it’s also cheap in TW, maybe about 6-8 bucks per piece! Anyway, i saw from youtube, can easily DIY but needs lotsa patience and time.

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