Flare Sleeve Dress! LOVE the butterfly sleeves!

Bought this black bodycon dress from JasModa. The seller was very kind and patient towards me. I forgot about making payment via the ATM, and I had exceeded the 24 hours payment granted time!

Luckily my item was still in my cart!

What caught my eyes on this piece was its butterfly (or fluttered, whatever name it is) sleeves!

Its translucent chiffon sleeves makes the piece so gorgeous IMO.

Material for the bodycon dress is a little thin, made of thin lycra… I wish there was an inner linen included….

I like the rounches, they help to hide away the tummy. Material isn’t as shiny as the photo above which was taken with flash.

Its neckline wasn’t very low-cut too, thanks to the overlapping design at the chest area!

But overall, still not so bad, very comfortable. It was retailing at SGD27, reasonable.

Suitable for both work and play. =)


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