YAY! Arrival of my very 1st Peter Pan Pearl Collar Necklace!

I got myself sunk with Peter Pan Collar Necklace when I first saw it at Smooch. But there was no more stock at Smooch. Nevertheless I bought the exact design from Taobao at a great deal price! Can’t wait to receive it!

Check out their cute bird!

But just before I receive my buy from Taobao, I received another Peter Pan Collar Necklace from MyLittleBow!


A closer shot:

It has got both small and big pearls on the collar flap. Instead of a clasp, it comes with ribbon sash which is to be tied at the back of the neck.

This Peter Pan Pearl Collar necklace from MyLittleBow (MLB) isn’t heavy on my neck at all! No worries about having to adjust it frequently. Once the ribbon is tied according to one’s comfort, it’s firm on the neck.

Call me thick-skinned, I don’t care! I just find the necklace looking so pretty on me! *PERFECT*

To me, it’s a must to have at least 2 such necklaces, in white and black, so as to match with more apparels colours. The one I ordered from taobao is in Black, looking forward to receive it!! *egg-cited*

Service at MLB is efficient and replies are prompt.

Even when you seek enquiry of their items which are sold out, they will keep you in mind and initiate to inform if the exact or similar items are available. *Sweetttttttt*

There are special on-going promotions at MLB!

If you are their first-time customer, you get to enjoy FREE normal mail on your next purchase!

And if you share your review photos on their facebook wall, you get to enjoy $2 off your next purchase!

How cool that is!

Too bad, this Peter Pan Pearl Collar necklace is out of stock at the moment, but do keep yourself in the loop, they may just restock it!

The price at MLB is really reasonable and the workmanship of my necklace is great!

But if you cannot wait and are keen to get such Peter Pan Collar necklace, please please please look around the www and google, there are definitely blogshops selling these items less than SGD20!

I strongly recommend Taobao or Gmarket. Just look around more before confirming your purchase ya!

You can also google to learn about DIY your own Peter Pan Collar Necklace! I have seen a few youtubes, look really easy if you have the patience!

“Don’t let others cut your carrot!”

Happy 38 Woman’s Day!


3 thoughts on “YAY! Arrival of my very 1st Peter Pan Pearl Collar Necklace!

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    • Hi Cass!

      I am sorry, I forgot which shop from taobao… But a good tip will be to go for those with high number of reviews/ratings, and compare the prices of the shops shown on the first 2-3 pages. 🙂

      It’s not necessary to go through more than 10 pages.

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