Elizabeth Arden – Prevage Hydrating Fluid and Prevage Triple Defense SPF 50

Since the first day when I was invited to Elizabeth Arden Prevage product launches, I was (I am still) addicted to the range.

(Below links contain photos extracted my old blog at livejournal, pardon my poor blog title for each blogpost. No idea why my titles were so boring!)

I started off my first Elizabeth Arden event with two moisturizers, Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 PA++ and Prevage Anti Aging Night Cream and that was in 2009! Elizabeth Arden was very generous to couriered me a retail-sized of the Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 PA++ not long after the event.

It was also after the event then I realized Elizabeth Arden is not a brand for aunties and mummies, but also for the ladies in late 20s and beyond!!

In 2010, Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum was launched. We were also celebrating Elizabeth Arden 100th Anniversary that year which was filled with loads of beauty stuff and food.

Then I came up with an short blog post on exactly the key ingredient that explains why Prevage products were effective and why they were loved by me. They are still effective and loved by me.. and this time round, my mum too!

In the same year, eye care products were launched.
PREVAGE® Eye Anti-aging Moisturizing Treatment
PREVAGE® Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum
PREVAGE® Eye Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 15

In 2011, White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector was released! It came at the right time for me because that year, my face was overwhelmed with uneven skintone and pigmentation! After using it for sometime, though pigmentation still exists, skintone has improved greatly.

In this year, Prevage showcased more new products!

In January, Prevage Day Intense Anti-aging Moisture Cream SPF 30 and Prevage Night Anti-aging Restorative Cream were launched. I love the innovative tubs to store the spatula.

In February, I had a Lohei session with the Singapore’s Elizabeth Arden team people.

And now in this coming March 2012, Elizabeth Arden is going to launch another two new products from the Prevage family!

I feel so honoured to be one of the first few to own these two amazing products before the launching date in March 2012!

Elizabeth Arden had a press event at 28th Fèvrier, and they invited bloggers, working partners and the folks from the media to witness the launch of 2 new Prevage skincare, Prevage Hydrating Fluid, and Prevage Triple Defense SPF 50 PA+++.

It was also my first time to attend a press event by Elizabeth Arden, honoured, lucky, privileged, proud were not enough to describe my feelings!

I haven’t started using the new products, so there’s no detailed review in this blog post. I am just going to share a mini review, some proven and immediate results after applying them on my hand.

Prevage Hydrating Fluid
If you are someone who prefers a light weight moisturizer which is suitable for combination, oily or sensitive skin type, Prevage Hydrating Fluid maybe a good choice for you!

In terms of colour and texture, it’s pretty similar to Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 PA++ but it is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving the skin sticky or oily. As I massaged onto my hand, the lightweight moisturizer felt like water on my skin! My skin felt smooth within a few minutes of massage. I like the silky finish it left on my skin.

A short recap of what I have mentioned before, Prevage targets on skin aging signs which are caused by environmental factors like air pollution and sun exposures. The free radicals caused by these factors lead to fine lines, skin dryness and pigmentation visibility on our skin.

Environmental Threats > Free Radicals > Skin Damage > Signs of Aging

When comes to sun exposure, there are are 3 types of ray which damage our skin:

  • UVB – Penetrates the epidermis, causes sunburn, rednes, wrinkles and aging. It is stronger than UVA.
  • UVA – Penetrates deeper and damages collagen and elastic fiber. Pigmentation, loss of firmness,  in addition to wrinkles.
  • Infrared-A (new research) – Penetrates deeply into the cellular layers underneath the skin. Damage collagen, elastin and protein structures.

See how harmful the sun ray is?

Inorder to reduce the visibility or delay skin aging signs, antioxidants and other nutrients need to be fed to the skin to stay healthy.

Two antioxidants are Idebenone and Thiotaine are formulated into the Prevage Hydrating Fluid. They help to combat environmental stress and perform skin repair.

Other ingredients like Soy Protein and Peptide Complex helps to promote moisture retention on the skin, while Glycerin and moisturizing ingredients help to hydrate the skin.

Freshness of the Prevage Hydrating Fluid is well-sealed in a bottle with twist-up locking pump.

Its retail price is SGD221 (50ml) and will be available in February/March 2012 at all Elizabeth Arden counters.

Prevage Triple Defense SPF 50 PA+++
This is basically a sunblock which comes with its own built-in brush. This innovative brush-on application helps to ensure an even coverage for the best protection the SPF can give to the skin.

It’s very easy to use. Remove the cap, unlock with a light turn on the brush applicator, squeeze the tube (like squeezing toothpaste) to release an appropriate amount of the sunblock, and brush it all over the face.

The plus point of this brush is that it is able to reach those hard-to-reach areas on the face. After using, turn the brush applicator to lock it.

Unlike most sunblock which tends to leave a sticky finish on the skin, Prevage Triple Defense leaves a smooth/matte finish on the skin. It can also acts as a primer or makeup base before foundation. The longer I tried to massage my hand, my skin became smoother and lines on the skin were less visible! When fine lines are less visible, setting foundation on the skin seems easier!

What makes Prevage Triple Defense amazing is its ability to defend(protect) the skin against Infrared-A (IRA rays) radiation which is like one of the most harmful ray that penetrates through deeply to cellular layers beneath the skin, damaging the collagen, elastic and protein structures.

Idebenone and Thiotaine were formulated in to combat the the damages caused by IRA rays.

Like what the name says, “Triple Defense”, it gives the skin triple protection which it needs to guard against the environmental threats from UVA, UVB and Infrared rays.

It even helps to solve existing issues like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone which care caused by the sun rays.

Skin repair is also performed with the help of Idebenone and Thiotaine.

Its retail price is SGD148 (50ml) and will be available in February/March 2012 at all Elizabeth Arden counter.

It’s so exciting to attend press event! There’s usually a backdrop with the brand name for us to camwhore! I was glad to have Chantana’s companion at the event.

Left to right: Chantana, me, Charlotte, Joey.

It was my first time to visit 28th Fèvrier and I was amazed by the chair made of paper!

They could withstand many butts sitting on it with no sign of tear!

Chantana shared with me that there was one time the news were talking about these winning-award chairs which could be folder/flattened to save storage space, and when needed, they could be easily flipped open for use again!

It was nice to bump onto Chantana at the press event. We had a small chit-chat-gossip talk over a cup of nicely brewed coffee while waiting for the drizzle to stop.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage has come a long way, proven results are what this brand offer! No joke!

Check out the full range of Prevage skincare at Elizabeth Arden counters soon!


4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden – Prevage Hydrating Fluid and Prevage Triple Defense SPF 50

  1. Hi, I have bought this for a very sunny holiday in Spain, is it designed to wear in intense heat for example when your face gets very sweaty? Ugh…sorry! Am loving the products just started using them.

    • Hi Amanda! Yes it is suitable to be used under the hot weather. The texture is really light n leaves a semi-matt velvety finish on the skin after absorption. It is easily absorbed by my combination skin under this hot n humid weather in SG. 🙂

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