Beautiful 1 Feb 2012 with Elizabeth Arden, Bloggers and Girlfriends!

My 15 days of Chinese New Year this year was filled with loads of fun and laughters with my family, friends and colleagues.

Lohei is like a must-have during this festive season. It’s also the year of Dragon which signifies all good things.

The team from Elizabeth Arden SG had organized a Lohei dinner on 1 Feb with a few bloggers for a close gathering. I also had a date with my bitchy friends on the same day! I didn’t want to miss any of the two dinners and decided to attend both!

How did I attend both? I actually went to join the bloggers for the first half at Red House Robertson Quay and rushed down to Central to join my friends (whom I am really thankful for their wait and patience) for the 2nd half. Luckily the two venues were quite near each other, so much easier for me to rush from one place to another! LOL!

I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to find the restaurant, luckily I met Joey and Charlotte on the way!

At the Red House restaurant…

We were pretty early and there wasn’t much crowd.

Here’s the legendary Lohei which every Chinese will love to eat during CNY!

For an easy Lohei, we were given a pair of long chopsticks, twice the length of the usual ones!

Before the start of every Lohei, auspicious words, words that contain blessings, lucks, prosperity, good health and wealth will be said!

… and Lohei began! Huuuuuaaaaaattttttttttttttt ar!

Though I left after the Lohei, I still had a group photo with beauty blogger Sarah, Wiwit, Chantana, Claire and Sharon before the start of dinner!

Here’s me with Chantana, Sharon and Claire. Don’t know why my eyes were not looking at the camera. -.-

Luckily the two venues were quite near each other and I managed to reach within 15 minutes of brisk walking from Robertson Quay to Central. LOL!

My bitchy babes, though bitchy and spendthrift, they are the best listeners and companions for me! I appreciated their wait for me. I told them to start the dinner first without me, but they were so sweet, they actually left some portions for me!

We had a mini Lohei session at Manhatten Fish Market at Central!

Woah, whose hand ar? The skin looked as smooth as tofu!

… … …  our lohei began! HHHHUUUUUAAAATTTTTTTT ar!!!!!!!!!

That day, we were meeting for a purpose, or maybe alot of purposes! 2 birthday celebrations, early Valentine’s day celebration and CNY Lohei session! We were greedy right? 4 celebrations within a day, infact within 4 hours! *Unbelievable*

I always believe Valentine’s Day is also a day to show your appreciation to your girlfriends and so prior to our celebrations, I suggested the girls a gift exchange session.

Other than buying a valentine present for my valentinie girl, I bought cupcakes from House of Mini for everyone. ^.^

When I chanced up those mini tweeny tiny cupcakes last year, I found them uber cute, one of the perfect stuff to give to girly friends. And since one of the outlets was near my work place, I bought them during my lunch time, refrigerated them in office fridge to seal off the cupcakes freshness. The cupcakes are really mini! Each base area is as “big” as only a 50-cent coin!

After we were done with all the food, we had our presents ready!

I went home with sweets and chocolates from Jacelyn, more cupcakes from Xuan, lovey dovey card from Noi, and present from my secret Valentine, PY!

Thanks to Xuan who took this pic of me! *muacks*

I can’t wait to meet up with these girls again!

Photo taken by July’s left hand! Not bad, but camera also play apart! Thanks to Jacelyn’s camera!

Another nice shots edited by Xuan!

1 Feb 2012 was a beautiful day for me. It started off with this gorgeous sky, sealed up with lohei sessions and a valentine’s day present from my secret Valentine, PY.

Looking forward to more girly evenings like this!


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