#Review# Lip Smacker – Nostalgic Lipgloss with Coca Cola!

What’s the childhood of the babies born in the 70s and 80s like? Those were the days without the internet, without Wii, without Facebook. Most of us will have probably forgotten about it as time goes by. Yep, I am one of them. =)

Back to the old old old days, buying toys was really a luxury. Most of the times, we made our own toys, or were given second-hand toys. The toys looked pretty simple and dull, but they brought so much fun and laughter to my childhood. It’s also the only time in my life where friendship were the closest than now, where most are kept in touch via Facebook online.

A BIG toast and LOUD cheer to Lip Smacker for bringing us back some sweet memories from the good old days!

I received a package last week. It’s in those old brownish paper wrapper, printed with “The Good Old Days”. I gave the package a shake to guess what it contained. But all I heard was shattered noise from those bits and pieces broken ornaments! Gosh, I was hoping nothing was broken inside!

I went “wah”! Inside the package were toys seen and played during my childhood! Hard to find mama store selling them these days, who’s the sender?

The fun part was when I tried to search for the item which I was to review after figuring out that this was a sponsorship from Lip Smacker’s distributor in SG.

With abit of common sense, it’s the 3 bottle caps! I mean, definitely it must be a product which comes with decent container right~?

Lip Smacker has been a well-known brand which has launched a wide collection of lipglosses with many colourful themes and in different types of applications.

Just like sometime ago where they worked with Coca Cola to come up with tasty lipglosses in interesting and unique packaging, this year, they are working together again!

This time, the lipgloss is not going to be in tube but in nostalgic bottle cap! Still remember those days when we used to collect/win bottle caps?

All 3 lipgloss contains the smell (and taste) of the drinks! Yes, they are safe to lick!

And since these nostalgic bottle caps reminds me of the childhood playmates and friendship, I decided to give away 2 to my friends. My two friends went WOW when I showed them the lipgloss.

One of them picked Coca Cola, and of course it smells really like Coca Cola. At first, we all thought there would be some colours on our lips. We were wrong! All 3 were sheer and like almost colourless!

We had to dab many times to get the lipgloss out.

Another friend picked Sprite!

Fanta is mine!

We don’t feel it’s very moisturizing unless we dab alot. But the lips look pretty natural with some shine from the lipgloss.

And because it’s sheer and light, our lips feel “less thick”. We also have the urge to lick out lips at times!

Enjoy your nostalgic time with Lip Smacker & Coca Cola!


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