[Food Tasting Session] Domino’s Pizza Goes Halal

Last Friday, I joined a bunch of 9 other bloggers for a pizza feast at Domino’s Pizza. Currently there are 13 Domino’s Pizza outlets in SG. I have my first visit at the Tampines outlet which provides dine-in, take-away and delivery services.

Incase you aren’t aware, Domino’s Pizza is Halal certified. Halal food isn’t just about “no pork”. There are more meanings and purposes about Halal food. One of the most important purposes is about “hygiene”. Halal food are certified based on a set of rules and guidelines, i.e. standard operating procedure.

  • Ingredients have to be freshly made, bought and kept.
  • Food processing environment has to be clean.
  • Food has to be prepared, packed and delivered within a specific book rules.

All these are to ensure that customers will be guaranteed with fresh and tasty food, they pay for what they deserve to get.

All bloggers including myself went through how easy and hassle free an online order could be created and sent to Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza has this GPS (Great Pizza Service) Tracker on the website which allows customers to check the status of their orders.

There are a total of 7 status to keep track of our orders.

  1. Order placed – The moment an order was submitted via the website, a call would be made to the nearest available outlets where the food will be prepared.
  2. Preparing – Ingredients are being prepared.
  3. Baking – Pizza orders are in the midst of baking and other side and beverages are also in the midst of preparation.
  4. Boxing – Baked pizza is then placed onto the correct box size.
  5. Packing – All food and drinks are now packed into the delivery bag.
  6. Preparing for Delivery – Delivery man is preparing to set off to deliver the food.
  7. Delivering – Domino’s Pizza delivery is on its way!

The red status in GPS indicates the status of the order. All in all, Domino’s Pizza assures pizza to be delivered within 30 minutes. Failure to do so, vouchers will be given to the affected customers as a gesture of appreciating their patience and inconvenience caused. With the vouchers, Domino’s Pizza hopes to serve the customers again with better service next time.

Likewise, if there’s any complaint on the freshness and quality of the delivered food, Domino’s Pizza will take the matter seriously and do their best to win back the customer’s confidence.

During my wait, I noticed there were few other customers who were also waiting for the take-away orders. There is a 15-minute take-out guarantee for customers who are buying take-away. It’s amazing that despite the many orders placed during the peak hour (dinner time), I could still have my food served within 30 minutes. Good service.

Best of all, there is no delivery charge at Dominio’s Pizza. All prices at their website are nett prices.

There are 4 sizes to choose for the pizza.

4 crust types to choose from:

And 3 different sauce, depending on individual’s preferences:

With so much variety at Domino’s Pizza, all bloggers who attended this event were in for a great feast. There was a lot of food, I was too full to even try every flavour of the pizza that was served.

Here are the few flavour of pizza which the folks from Domino’s Pizza treated us:

Not sure if I was the only one, but the first pizza which caught my attention was The Big BBQ. The grid lines drawn on the pizza were actually BBQ sauce.

Next favourite was Hawaiian Paradise. Smoked Chicken Breast, Turkey Ham, Juicy Pineapples and mozzarella cheese were like the perfect ingredients for Hawaiian Paradise.

For mushroom lovers like me, Classified Chicken is the one. Generous servings of fresh mushrooms in slices! =)

For side order: I tried 4 out of the 11 choices available.

Twisty Bread – Must eat it while it’s warm. Love its garlic taste.
Garlic Cheese Onion Rings – Garlic x Cheese = Yummy Max!
Golden Roasted Drummets – I noticed this was the first dish most bloggers took when the food was served!
Crazy Chicken Crunchies – Believe it or not, it has Tom Yum taste! Must eat it with their Dangy Cheese Dip!

When comes to beverages, there are a wide variety at Domino’s Pizza website.

Just like the saying goes, “save the best for the last!”.

Each of us were treated a whole piece of Chocolate Lava Cake! I didn’t realize there is such a heavenly dessert at Domino’s Pizza! OMG! Each of us were like drooling over the choc dessert.

It was served in warm temperature. I must say the temperature was well-kept inside its box. I only opened up my dessert after about 15 minutes and surprisingly, the cake was still warm and the choc lava inside the cake was still warm and soft!

By the way, there’s a disposable spoon packed together with the cake, very convenient to buy take-away and have it on the spot with your special someone. ❤

The event ended with a cheer from the friendly peeps from Domino’s Pizza Tampines. Thanks to their great passion in preparing and serving us fresh tasty pizza.

Thanks to OMY and Domino’s Pizza for picking me to join them and the rest of the bloggers for a sumptuous dinner with Pizza and the many nice food.

It was my pleasure to get to meet new friends with few of them.

To order Domino’s Pizza:

  • Call 6222 6333
  • Visit Domino’s Pizza
  • Go to the nearest store in your neighbourhood.

Have fun pizza-ing!


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