#Review# Neogence ACE Revitalizing and Brightening Series

Recently, I received a HUGE package from Sasa, so huge that Kiyora had the beauty products packed in two!

Neogence Ace Revitalizing and Brightening Series is one of the goodies.

Sasa sponsored me a total of 6 retailed-size products in this series! That’s so generous of my sponsor! 😀

6 products which specialise in revitalizing and brightening:
ACE Renewal & Repairing Mask – 3pcs – SGD22.90
ACE Intensive Whitening Lotion – 120ml – SGD26.90
ACE Revitalizing Eye Serum – 15ml – SGD36.90
ACE Liposome Renewal Whitening Serum – 30ml – SGD67.90
ACE Revitalizing Hydrating Fluid – 50ml – SGD39.90
ACE Pore Concealing & Revitalizing Base Gel – 50ml – SGD33.90

It is all about represses melanin process, lightening in pigmentation, rejuvenate the skin by minimizing wrinkles, pores. It also targets on firming up the skin. In short, it’s about repair and renew.

Key ingredients are Vitamin A, C and E for renew, brightening and curb skin aging, and Patent peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000 to effectively reduce wrinkles.

Sharing my humble reviews based on 1-week trial:

ACE Renewal & Repairing Mask
I’ll start with the mask! 1 box comes with 3 pcs.

I get instant brightening effect on my face after masking for about 15 minutes. ACE Renewal & Repairing mask has got no scent. It’s soaked with alot of essence.

Inside the essence are Vitamin A, C and E. Helps to sooth fine lines, refine pores and improves skin elasticity.

It comes with a plastic layer and a blue sheet wrapping the mask sheet. Remove the plastic layer first, then place the mask sheet (white) tightly on the face. When the mask sheet is in placed, remove the blue layer. I find the blue sheet not very useful because even after I peeled it off, my mask sheet gets a little out of placed.

No worries about unable to make a trip down for facial, this mask is good enough to give a nice brightened up face for a last minute appointment that comes in. All it takes is a 15-minutes of intensive repairing to skin!

ACE Intensive Whitening Lotion
Serves as a toner, like any other toner, it is in transparent water-texture. Has abit of chamomile scent, very soothing to my skin.

It is very easy to use. There’s no need for cotton pad. Just pour out a few drops and pat all over the face will do.

Also contains Vitamin A, C and E to renew, brighten and combat skin aging.

ACE Revitalizing Eye Serum
Hmm… it is scentless but when for the first few seconds during massaging, I smell medicine. LOL!

The delicate skin around my eyes feel alittle sticky after massage. But it’s alright for me, there’s no discomfort.

I do notice a slight less visibility on my fine lines recently.

ACE Liposome Renewal Whitening Serum
Needless to say, this is a face serum. The first thing I want to say is its nice soothing scent!

Unlike creamy moisturizer, ACE Revitalizing Hydrating Fluid is able to provide hydration to the skin without thick application. A few drops and some pats on my face and neck, I feel refreshed.

I love how the freshness of its quality is being sealed and packaged. No greasy and stickiness after application.

ACE Revitalizing Hydrating Fluid
In creamy texture, can be used as a massaging cream or a moisturizer.

I read that it contains natural olive extract which is refreshing and moisturizing to skin. It always enables the moisture to be easily absorbed into the skin.

What amazes me is that, after massaging, the creamy texture becomes watery texture. I can even see some droplets on my skin. My skin feels soft and smooth the next day. It has this nice floral scent.

ACE Pore Concealing & Revitalizing Base Gel
Use this before applying foundation! It helps to give a good coverage for pores!

It comes in a watery-gel texture, pretty light. Helps to curb my oil sebum on my nose. Foundation on my nose is able to last longer than usual.

I don’t use it all over my face, but only on targeted areas like my nose and cheeks.

Here are my before and after photos using Neogence ACE Revitalizing and Brightening series:

Brightening effect was achieved immediately each time after using the series of products. However, when comes to fine lines, visibility was slightly reduced after 1 week. Then again, result consistency depends on lifestyle and sleeping habit.

Keen to check out Neogence ACE Revitalizing and Brightening Series? Well, Neogence ACE is exclusive to SaSa! 😀

Also, here’s a giveaway and promotion from SaSa on 17th (tomorrow) and 24th (next Thursday) February!

Neogence ACE is running a 10% introductory discount! Receive one piece of ACE RENEWAL & REPAIRING MASK worth $7.60 when you buy any Neogence product from SaSa!

*while stocks last

So, mark down your calendar on the 17th and 24th February as SaSa ( http://www.facebook.com/SGSaSa) has NEOGENCE ACE MASK giveaway and promotion exclusively for SaSa fans!

Stay tuned for next blogposts, I’ll be doing a review on a 360-deg rotating mascara (one of my new loves!) Natio Bathset (feels like spa-ing while using) from Sasa!


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