#Review# Skin79 Homme – Pampering Skincare for Your Man!

Skin79 is a Korean brand well-known for its wide range of BB cream and makeup. Last year, Skin79 surprised me with their first skincare for men.

“Behind every successful man, there is a good foundation” was the first tagline I saw upon opening the toolbox.

Skin79 has actually packed 2 products in a stylish toolbox, which contains some stationery.

Cool box for the cool men!

Two products which I’ve received:
Homme Gentle Wash
(120ml, SGD15)
Homme Aqua Sun Block SPF50+ PA+++
(43.5g, SGD25)

What makes the cleanser different from other cleansers is that, it is also a shaving cream!

Skin79 Homme Gentle Wash is able to clean my guy’s oily face effectively (contains ingredients like papaya and ivy extracts) without drying the skin. Infact, after cleansing, his skin feels smooth and refreshing. Shaving after cleansing becomes more comfy and easier for him.

For the Skin79 Aqua Sun Block, it has got high SPF50, good enough to protect skin damage from UVA and UVB. But if it’s going to be used on a sunny day at a beach, reapplication is required after a few hours. What’s good about this sunblock is its ability to lock the moisture in the skin. His skin doesn’t feel dry at the end of the day despite staying one whole afternoon under the hot weather.

Both products have got this muscular scent for the men, smells like perfume!

The full range of Skin79 consists of:

Homme Triple Action BB Cream SPF15 (SGD2242.5g) – gives a natural no-makeup look, able to conceal pores, zigs and blackheads.

Homme Pore & Sebum Solution Serum (SGD25) – a serum which gives moisture to the skin and leaves skin feeling refreshing. Also helps to tone the skin and control oil production because it contains witch hazel extract.

Homme Gentle Wash (SGD15) – 2-in1, cleanser and shaving cream,

Homme Gentle Booster (SGD25) – 3-in, toner, essence and moisturizer, good to use for the lazy men, cutting down many steps in the skincare regimen!

Homme Aqua Sun Block SPF50+ PS+++ (SGD25) – moisturizing sunblock.

Skin79 did a research on men’s skin.

3 points which they found out:
– Despite the fact that men’s skin is thicker than women’s, their outer layer tends to thin at a faster rate than women’s.
– Men also has a more elasticity skin when compared to women, but theirs also lost the elasticity faster than women.
– When comes to oil production on the skin, men’s skin is much more oiler than women, which is why clogged pores are more often than women.

To solve the above skin problems found on men’s skin, Skin79 Homme products are formulated with natural plant extracts such as green tea, angelica, chamomile, fomes officinales (mushroom).The products are also formulated with minerals like magnsium and calcium. Deep sea water (uncontaminated water from the deep sea) is also used.

It’s amazing to know how Skin79 is formulated to suit the guys.

Time for the ladies to look after the skin of the men!
You may want to surprise your boyfriends with Skin79 Homme products packed inside a toolbox like what Skin79 has surprised me. =)


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