Pretty In Pink – A Charity Fashion Show showcasing outfits from Love Bonito!

This is one of my overdue blog posts… Been so busy since Nov last year that I’ve piled up quite abit of blog posts. And now I am slowly clearing one by one… *This is so embarrassing!*

Last year, I received an invitation to a Charity Fashion show held few weeks ago at one of the highly popular clubs in town, Butter Factory. I almost forgot about this event till my good friend July (thanks babe) reminded me about it. Phew!

Pink Dolphin “Pretty In Pink” Charity Fashion Show was an event basically all about buying apparels for a good deed.

To raise awareness of breast cancer, Pink Dolphin, worked together with one of the popular blogshops, Love Bonito, to showcase an exclusive preview of 30 unreleased outfits from Love Bonito coming up collections.

Survivors from breast cancer took the catwalk wearing the pretty outfits, getting bidders to bid for every piece. All bids were donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Supporters of the fashion label would need to spend $15 (including 2 house pours) to buy the entrance ticket. All proceeds also went to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

My two good friends July and Peiying bought the tickets. As for me, oopsie, I got my media guest pass! Heh!

All of us got our goodie bags, with bottles of Pink Dolphin drinks inside! They were beauty drinks ya!

It was my first time to enter Butter Factory with 99% of the guests were females! It was awesome to be at a club with fellow shopaholics!

At the fashion show, there were 3 different collections (Casual, Work, Glam) from Love Bonito.

Casual wear:

Work wear:

Glam collection:

Seriously, if it’s not from this event, I would not have found out that these ladies were breast cancer survivors. From the way they cat-walked, the way they smiled and posed, gosh, they were so full of confidence! Kudos to them!

Bidding price for each piece started from SGD40, and yet these ladies carried off the apparel so well that the bids went as high as SGD100 over!! *WOW*

My shopaholic friends and I didn’t bid a single piece. Kwa Kwa Kwa…..

But we had fun camwhoring at the club!

Though we went home with zero buy, but we had alot of collagen drinks from Pink Dolphin. =)


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