Deal! Scalp Analysis + Scalp Treatment + FREE 200ml Haircare Product!

TrichoKare has a deal at at! It’s on the same treatment which I described HEAVEN I had few weeks ago!

Instead of the usual price SGD178, this whole scalp, hair and shoulder pampering session is now available at only SGD29.99!

I say scalp, hair and shoulder. Nope, no mistake, the one hour session includes masque and tonic for the scalp, shampooing and conditioning the hair, scalp and shoulder massage. =)

This deal is now left with only one day for the public to grab, so do it fast before it’s gone.

I have done a blogpost on my experience HERE, check it out.

I had mine at the branch at Century Square. The ambiance was great and there was enough privacy, no worries about feeling shy.

TrichoKare is not just about helping with hairloss or scalp issues, even if you’ve got healthy hair and scalp, there is always a need to give them a thorough cleansing by professionals.

At the end of the session, the therapist will blow dry your hair, so you can be ready to head for another appointment after that. 😀

The consultants and therapists are very friendly and helpful. You will enjoy the service. I recommend my readers to grab this deal and go after work/tiring day, you will go home with a goodnight sleep. =)


Don’t worry about hard selling. It’s part of the consultant’s job to share with you their packages and promotions, incase you are interested. From my experience, as long as I explain about my budget and concern, the consultant is willing to hear and respect your decision.


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