[Food Tasting Session] BIG Feast at Nando’s @ 112 Katong!

After the Bloggers Tour at 112 Katong, I joined everyone for a big feast at Nando’s!

I love the cosiness inside the restaurant. It sure gives me the comfort of loud chatting and be my own trueself. However, depends on where the seat is, the seat where I had taken, the blasting aircon above the ceiling made me feel cold at times.

Nando’s serves very fresh and tasty chicken, with secret recipe spicy sauces, Peri-Peri (comes with different different spicy level!) to serve with the meat.

Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce comes with a story!

The moment we sat down, we were served with a range of specially concocted drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic).

Checking out the menu… *shock*

There are a wide variety of food to cater to everyone!

That’s not all! Every meal completes with desserts!

Here are what we were treated!

Starting with appetizer!

Salad to freshen up our taste buds!

Side dish like wedges is a must-try!

Main course was 4 different flavoured delicious chicken meat!

The chicken meat was very tender and it was very well-cooked. There’s no dryness in the meat, gravy on the chicken skin is yum yum! YES! I ate the skin! LOL

I was given a voting card to vote for my favourite taste!

My vote goes to… Lemon Herb! Voting ends end of this month, 31st January 2012. If you are visiting 112 Katong, you should bring your loved ones to Nando’s to try out the 4 voted flavoured chicken! Winners will be announced and prizes await!

Cute voting table at the entrance of Nando’s.

And Nando’s even has rice served anytime for diners who can’t get away with a meal without rice!

I was super full during this feast prepared by Nando’s. But nothing could stop me from trying out their desserts!

They tasted awesome!

Cheesecake! I personally feel, the cheesecake would have tasted better without the caramel. Yep, I am not a fan of caramel though I have very sweet tooth.

The next time when you are wondering where to gather friends for a meal and hours of talk, think of Nando’s! =)


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