My Scalp Treatment Experience at TrichoKare – it was HEAVEN!

TK TrichoKare is a holistic hair and scalp care centre that provides European herbal hair remedies, catering for all hair conditions. Started by a certified trichologist and being the first ISO 9002 certified trichological centre in Singapore, TK TrichoKare provides a comfortable and luxurious environment for its customers to enjoy pampering hair and scalp care treatments through premium European herbs.

They have been featured in quite a few magazines.

TK TrichoKare uses European herbs and natural plant extracts in their treatments and haircare products. Dealing with hairloss issue is one of the expertises at TK TrichoKare.

Professional Herbalists from TK TrichoKare came up with remedies and formulations of the premium European herbs like Burdock, Horsetail, Sage, Leopard’s Bane etc, to target on various hair problems like dandruff, hairloss, itchy scalp, oily scalp etc. Ingredients are carefully picked to achieve optimum results on every customer.

Their remedies and formulations follow a stringent laboratory standard regulation which is certified by Trichologists. Products which are used at TrichoKare are only pure extracts from plants and herbs, which are meant to nourish the hair and scalp.

Consultation was given before the treatment. Mainly scanning and checking on my scalp. I had about 4 snapshots of my scalp conditions shown to me. My consultant also gave me an easily understandable explanation on how the hair grows, the root cause to my hair loss and oily scalp. It seemed that I had got very oily scalp and some of my hair pores were clogged, which prevented nutrients from flowing in, and hence no new hair growth. Lack of nutrients also causes my current hair to turn weak, and that explains the hair fall and hair thinning issue.

After the consultation, I was brought to another room where I could have my hair treatment done.

I personally feel TrichoKare emphasizes alot on customer’s comfort and privacy. Every seat had a partitioned panel. There’s no worry about feeling embarrassed or unglamorous.

Hair washing area at TrichoKare looks very cosy. The ambiance, interior design and service made my hair washing so relaxing that I could fall asleep.I was offered blanket to keep myself warm. That’s very nice! Each time a rising is required, a new blanket was given. Very clean and hygienic salon.

In this treatment, a deep cleansing shampoo was used. It was a mint shampoo. I called it mint shampoo because it gave my scalp a cooling sensation during shampoo-ing.

My Therapist towel-dried my hair and applied hot mask in the next step.

This Hot mask was like a detox product, it was supposed to remove the excess oil on my scalp, and at the same time define my hair pore for a better hair growth.

Hot mask was in green solution, (I bet it’s because of the European Herbs). My scalp felt like cool and minty. After application, leave on for 5 minutes. Then rinse and apply conditioner.

Even during hair rinsing, my Therapist tried to untangle my hair very gently. She took the imitative to ask me if I was alright with her strength which was really comfortable on me.

My therapist was very professional and gentle. She knew what she was doing. Throughout my treatment, my Therapist would let me know what the next step she was going to perform on me, and what products she was applying.

So after the conditioning and rinsing, I was back to my seat. It was time to apply the hair tonic.

Drying the scalp was a must before tonic application. Drying scalp was done by hair dryer, at a warm temperature. Hair tonic was applied all over my scalp, but main focus was on my head top and crown area. Tonic bottle has spraying nozzle, easy to use. Daily use can last about half a month.

Here comes the most pleasing and enjoying session.

A warm pack was placed on my shoulders to keep them relaxed. My Therapist gave me 2 rounds of head/neck/shoulders massage after applying the tonic!

When it was time to dry hair, hair oil/lotion was applied to my hair ends to protect the heat from hair dryer.

The drying was a simple one, but I noticed the gentleness in my Therapist, I could see she really tried to take good are of my hair.

Protein was then applied on my hair before the Infrared treatment.

Infrared treatment was to improve the blood circulation in my head, and also to ensure that the tonic was further penetrated deep down to my hair roots, underneath the scalp.

I was done when the Infrared treatment ended. I returned to the consultation room and did another scan check on my scalp. One immediate result was improvement in a more defined pore on my scalp. There were also less clogged pores as compared to my scan before the treatment.

I felt good after the session, there was no sign of itchiness or irritation. My scalp felt clean and fresh. =)

One plus point for TrichoKare’s service. Their Therapists provides 100% focus, 1-to-1 personal service to every customer.

When I was told that my leave-on would be 5 minutes, it was really 5 minutes. There was no case like while doing my leave-on, she would attend to another customer, which tend to delay herself in attending me. (Happened to me at another salon, total disappointment, I had to wait for 20 mins for her to finish doing another customer before coming back to me!) But no for TrichoKare, there was not a single minute that I had to wait for my Therapist. When my 5 minutes leave-on was up, my Therapist attended to my punctually. Every therapist has a timer to time their customers, I guess this make the service deserved to be praised.

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