#Review# Lovely Girl for B.B. Skin!

Any idea what’s the secret to achieve baby soft skin? What makes a baby skin feel so soft and smooth?This girly box which I’ve received contains the answers!

Here are the answers:

  • Spent 40 weeks (approx 10 months) inside a warm and moist environment
  • Fed only with nourishing nutrients
  • Protected from  changes in temperature, humidity and other external factors
  • Never been in contact with chemical products

Skin79, Queen of BB creams, fully understands this secret and has came up with another revolutionary BB cream, Lovely Girl BB Cream, targets on achieving baby soft skin on ladies!

This BB cream acts as a skincare and a makeup base!

Acting as a skincare
Lovely Girl BB Cream is able to provide moisture to the skin for up to 24 hours! Skin is well-protected in this zero-harsh environment and the ingredients inside Lovely Girl give rich nutrients to skin! Ingredients include vitamins and minerals.

Acting as a makeup base/light foundation
Lovely Girl also provides a good natural coverage for blemishes and pigmentations despite its light semi-watery-creamy texture.

I have been using it as a makeup base as well as a liquid foundation!

Without having anything on my skin, my skin looks kinda dull, redness on my dark circles and pigmentations are obvious.

Spread a thin layer of Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream on my whole face…redness turns lighter. Skin doesn’t feel sticky, infact my skin has got this velvety finish after application.

I follow up with loose powder, and a natural coverage is easily achieved. The natural coverage also manage to even out my uneven skintone.

Add eyeliner and mascara, and I’m good to go!

I love the long-lasting moisture Lovely Girl gives. My skin feels hydrated and oil-shine only appears after 6 hours.

With its pink tube packaging and its name “Lovely Girl”, this is like the perfect Valentine’s day present for a bestie. =)

Skin79 Lovely Girl is exclusively available at selected Watsons Stores, retailing at only SGD21.90. ❤

Like what i have tweeted, this is my first blogpost in 2012 on pink skincare. Coming up will be another range of skincare in pink packaging too. Stay tuned~!


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