[Food Tasting Session] Authentic Thai Gourmet at Ah Loy Thai

When I talk about Thai food, my tongue starts to “itch”. LOL.

“Itch” as in, it is craving for hot and spicy, sweet and sour food, and my saliva begins to drool~

There are quite a number of Thai restaurants in SG but when comes to authentic Thai cuisine, I must recommend everyone Ah Loy Thai.

I was brought to Ah Loy Thai a year ago. Back then, it was quite a small restaurant, many times, customers would have to queue and wait.

On my 2nd trip to Ah Loy Thai sometime ago, the restaurant has expanded. Ah Loy Thai took over the adjacent unit, which has more tables catering to big groups. Gosh, the new place was spacious!

*pardon the blur photo, must be I was too hungry, no strength to hold the camera*

I must say, dining in groups at Ah Loy, is like having a King and Queen, Princes and Princesses BIG feast! Imagine a long table full of meat, fishes, different green food, appetizers, side dishes and the list goes on.

In a Thai cuisine, there are two drinks which are like a must-order drink:
Left: Homemade Thai Lemon Grass ($2.30)
Right: Traditional Thai Milk Red Tea ($2)

There were ALOT of dishes for us to pick!

Together with other bloggers and Elfaine, founder of The Sample Store, our feast started off with the highly popular Papaya Salad.

Papaya Salad ($5.30), my all-time favourite appetizer in Thai cuisine. Love its super spiciness from the chilli padi!

Ah Loy Thai Fried Butter Calamari ($7) is a must-try! Must eat it while it’s hot to enjoy the crispiness and juiciness. Very chewy ya!

*Pardon my blur photo again.. i think i was so eager to try the food that i didn’t hold the camera long enough to capture a sharp image*

Tom Yum Seafood ($6.90), seafood and spicy hot lovers, don’t miss this dish! Serves in claypot to maintain its hotness, be sure to satisfy your tongue’s taste bud for some fresh seafood with spicy shiok!

Thai Green Curry ($6.50) is also one of the popular dishes at Ah Loy Thai. What’s Thai food without green curry?? I dig the gravy which is thick and smell nice boneless chicken meat!

Pineapple Fried Rice ($5.90) was one of the dishes we tried. It comes with generous pieces of fresh prawns, other than that, it’s really a normal fried rice, with scrambled eggs and cubes of luncheon meat. The pineapple was very little, I hardly tasted any. The overall taste was a little bland, I’ll still prefer the pineapple rice which is yellow and served with pork floss and lotsa pineapple! =)

Tom Yum Fried Rice ($6.90), is only available from 3 to 6pm. The tom yum taste is a little bland, but i like the spiciness, save my hassle of adding balachan! =)

For pork, we had Thai Garlic Pork (($6.90), another must-try side dish! The garlic has made the pork meat so delicious that this dish was finished at one go! There isn’t alot of fatty layers above the meat, no worry about getting sick of it because it’s cooked with minimum oiliness. πŸ™‚

If you like more crispy side dishes, Thai mango crispy chicken ($7.50) is a good choice. The crispiness of the chicken skin , the sweet sour juice from the mango, will make you want to eat one piece after another!

Thai Pandan Chicken ($9), one of the common dishes in Thai Cuisine. I have tried it at a few other Thai restaurants, most of the times, I had problem removing the pandan leaves using fork and spoon, always ended up with using fingers. At Ah Loy Thai, somehow, the chicken was wrapped with pandan leaves in such a manner that, just needs to pull out the folder pandan leaf with a fork, and the chicken meat can be easily scooped out. So much convenient to eat without dirtying the hands!

I believe the number one highly ordered soup in Thai cuisine is tom yum soup. But if you will like to try something different, Tom Yum Thai Style Fish Clear Soup ($6) at Ah Loy Thai is the ONE! This is a choice for those who can’t take spicy but will like to try tom yum soup. It has no additional spiciness added, just the tom yum taste alone, sour and very minimal spiciness.Other than the fresh sliced fish, there are additional seafood in the soup! Very tasty and sure to open up your appetite.

At Ah Loy Thai, there are also some fish dishes to choose from. We had two steamed fish that day.

Thai Lemon Fish ($13.50) is one of their latest dish invention. It has this light lemon taste to make the fish smells even more fresher.

Thai Lemon Grass Steam Fish ($13.50), fresh fish meat with light lemon grass fragrance.

These two big fishes really give me the shock of the day, too much to finish! πŸ˜€ As if the lady boss had thought we were still hungry, we were treated with 3rd fish dish!

Thai Crispy Spicy Sauce Fish ($12) comes with lotsa of chilli, i LIKE! Love its crispy skin, crunchy!

There was a Black Pepper Crispy Fish ($14.50), a new dish at Ah Loy Thai, but I didn’t have the chance to try it. Basically, it is pretty similar to the Thai Crispy Spicy Sauce Fish, just that for this one, it’s on black pepper sauce, with added tomatoes, spring onions and peeled onions.

For vegetables, we tried two dishes. Fried Kailan and Fried Sweet Potato Leaf. Both are available in spicy and non-spicy.

Fried Kailan, love its crunchiness!

Fried Sweet Potato Leaf is well fried, not soggy at all!

Another two more yummy stir-fried basil leaf dishes , yummy enough to eat with plain rice!

Stir-fried RED Basil Leaf with Chicken ($5.80)

Stir-fried RED Basil Leaf with Pork ($5.80)

Other than chicken and pork, this dish is also available with seafood and beef! Yum yum!

You’ll prolly wonder what’s with the RED and WHITE in the dishes names. It’s actually referring to the sauce used for stir-frying. For the white sauce, i doubt it’s really in white, it’s probably in transparent with non-spiciness. πŸ™‚

Other than ordering the usual glass noodle in Thai Cuisine, you may want to check out the Thai Fried Kway Teow (Phad Thai) ($5.90) at Ah Loy Thai. The portion maybe a little too much if you are ordering alot of side dishes, so do prepare to order it and share with others ya! Do eat it while it’s hot, it tends to turn soggy and less tasty when turns cold.

Order taking at Ah Loy is done using this order chit. Quite a wide variety of Thai dishes to choose from!

Next time when you want to have a feast with authentic Thai cuisine, don’t forget Ah Loy Thai!

Ah Loy Thai Restaurant
100 Beach Road
#01-39/40 Shaw Tower Singapore

Tel: (65) 9165 1543 / (65) 9329 7599

Start gathering your friends for a Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses BIG Feast!

I’m kinda upset with the photos I’ve taken for this blogpost, so many photos are blurred. Sorry that I couldn’t bring out the best shots here.


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