Foot Reflexology at Jean Yip Loft

Few weeks after my body massage at Jean Yip Loft, I went back to have my foot reflexology.

This time I had my treatment at another level at Jean Yip Loft. This level was more on mani/pedi and a room specially for foot reflexology.

The ambiance was good. I enjoyed my treatment under the serenity around me.

I was told to have my feet soaked for a few minutes. Foot soaking was done at the mani/pedi seats.

The whole treatment was about 60 minutes, quite pretty reasonable duration for a foot reflexology.

After soaking, I was brought to another room which had dim lighting to have my foot reflexology. My therapist was a guy, and I had no problem with that.

He took some massage cream and spread onto my feet and calves. No massage tool was used, every point pressed on my soles was done using his fingers and hands. His strength was okay for me.

At some point of time, there were a few painful presses but still bearable and my therapist changed his presses very fast before the pain stayed on.

Toes were also included in the treatment.

This is not the first time I am having foot reflexology. Previously (at elsewhere), foot reflexology left my feet feeling oily after the session.

The massage cream was very moisturizing! It softened the dead skin cells and cracks on my toes and soles! My cuticles looked as if they had just finished a classic pedicure!

Surprisingly this time at Jean Yip Loft, my feet didn’t feel oily but refreshing as if they were ready for more shopping walks!

I was like enjoying life while relaxing myself at the lounge after my treatment. Facing the full length glass windows, looking at the buzzing streets downstairs, surfing net on mobile, browsing the magazines while enjoying my desserts and drinks.

My complimentary desserts and tea. The staff was nice enough to ask me for a second serving while waiting for my mum to finish her body massage.

Mum came out from her body massage, feeling great as well. We then headed to town for some shopping!

… thanks to our rejuvenated mind, body and feet, we spent heavily.


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