#Review# Za A-Go-Go Mascara Kit – Base | Wide Eyes | Volume

This is like an overdue post which I have promised so long ago! 😦

Finally managed to post up my review after using it for weeks!

Za-Cosmetics Impact Lash Mascara is the perfect mascara kit that every girl must have!

Go-Go lashes with Za-Cosmetics!

A little recap here, Za Impact Lash Mascara Kit consists of 3 types of mascara, Volume, Long and Wide Eyes, and a Mascara Base. Inside the kit, there are also point makeup like Everliner, Everbrows, Liquid Eyeliner and Lip & Eyes Makeup Remover.

For info on the point makeup products and their individual characteristics, read THIS blogpost of mine!

Za had actually sponsored me their Mascara base, Wide Eyes Mascara and their newly formulated Eye & Lip makeup remover. I have tried and love them all!

But I was still not contented with Wide Eyes alone, and was keen to try out their Impact Lash Volume. So when I saw their Impact Lash Volume mascara was on promotion, I bought without hesitation! The promotion was, with every purchase of their Impact Lash Volume mascara, there would be a free travel-sized Eye & Lip Makeup Remover!

Just so nice for me! ❤

The Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is good!

It is able to remove waterproof eyeliner and mascara with just a few gentle wipes. It’s not very oily and infact leaves the skin near my eye area feeling moisturized and soft! No stinging at all!

Their Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is available at full size, retailing at SGD12.90, at Watsons stores!


I’ve gotten mine at the Watsons store from T3, GST-Free!

Back to the my review on the Impact Lash Volume and Wide Eyes mascaras…

Just like any other mascara, brush the mascara base on my eyelashes..

I started off with the new Mascara Base, which has got mascara fibers in white. I just applied a few coats on my lashes. Didn’t feel anything, the fibers didn’t fall on my face, messy-free.

After the mascara base, it’s the Impact Lash Volume mascara. I usually apply Volume mascara before any other mascara.

This volumizing mascara consists of 2 difference thickness on the bristles which helps to create a volumizing effect.

Upon application, there will be an increase in the illumination on each and every lash.

For Impact Lash Mascara (Volume), its brush comes in a curved extrafine fiber brush. The inward curve fits the eye curve and tries to reach each and every lash. The outward curve consists of wide-pitched fibers to give lash tip a clump-free and fine finish. As for the tip of the brush, it has shorter bristle to reach for the the corner lashes and shorter lashes like the bottom eyelashes.

I always believe that inorder to create lengths, I will need to volumize my eyelashes so that more lengthening mascara can then be applied on the thick lash strands from the volume.

Step 1. Use the inward curve to brush upwards (in zig zag motion) from the roots to the tip of the upper eyelashes.
Step 2. Use the outward curve to comb lashes from the roots to the tip of the eyelashes, so as to separate the lashes in a fan shape.
Repeat Step 1 & 2 to increase the volume of lashes.
Step 3. Use tip of brush to apply the corner lashes and bottom lashes.

After doing with the Impact Lash Volume mascara, to give the eyelashes a more define/dramatic effect, follow up with a lengthening or Wide Eyes mascara.

To give a fan out look, Wide Eyes Mascara is the one!

This Wide Eyes mascara is meant to separates lashes finely and creates a beautiful fan-out effect.

Its glossy coat oil gives a lustrous effect to lashes.

It has a double comb! The extrafine pitch coil, and the extra small jaggy comb, together they help to create the wide fan-like effect on the lashes!

The Extra small jaggy coil basically coats a generous amount of mascara on the lashes, and because of the coil design, even short lashes and lashes which are hard to reach can be easily coated.

The Extra fine pitch comb separates each lash and spreads the mascara which was previously coated by the coil for a neat, fan-out and non-clumpy finish.

Step 1. Use the Extra small jaggy coil to apply mascara from the roots to the tip of the upper eyelashes.
Step 2. Use tip of bristles to reach difficult corners and short lashes.
Step 3. Use the Extra fine pitch comb to create the fan-out effect.

The more coats you apply, the more dramatic the effects will be and you can skip your falsies!

My results!
Before (Left), After (Right):


More After photos:

And I’m done with my basic eye makeup!

I didn’t apply a lot of coats here as I was in rush for work. But from side and top views, my eyelashes are prominent enough to catch some attentions from colleagues.

The best of all, it’s smudge-proof, no worries even though I’ve got oily eyelids!


2 thoughts on “#Review# Za A-Go-Go Mascara Kit – Base | Wide Eyes | Volume

    • Hi!

      The white thing is actually the fiber which helps in eyelash lengthening and volumizing. It’s white after application (and dries up), but it’s not visible after mascara application. Hope this helps. 🙂

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