Bifesta Bloggers’ Party!

Mandom Corporations held a Bloggers’ Party at their office, demonstrated to us some of the beauty brands which they carry.

Mandom Corporation carries quite a number of highly raved beauty products from Japan.

In this blogpost, I am including reviews on some of the products from Mandom Corp, so it’s going to be a long blogpost. Breathe in deep before you continue reading!




Ready?? Here it goes!

Starting with haircare!

Hair Styling brand Lucido-L!

Lucido-L believes for beautiful hair and style, the inner care-oriented customers are looking for a “product that can essentially improve hair from within”.

Hair texture (moisture, softness) is more important that its shape!

So Lucido-L came up with Hair Make Supplement, an oil-based hair serum which contains +CMC, a CMC-like ingredient.

CMC stands for Cell Membrane complex and exists inside our hair follicles. CMC works like stem to transport water (moisture) with the hair follicles. When the CMC is broken, water transportation breaks and parts of the hair cuticles and cortix lose their strength due to lack of moisture, and finally hair becomes dry and damaged, split ends occur.

Lucido-L understands the importance of CMC and hence came up with a CMC-like ingredient to be formulated inside their Hair Make Supplement, so as to compensate for the broken CMC inside hair follicles.

In this way, hair moisture is maintained and improved, hair becomes more manageable and healthy. And because it is oil-based, the treatment oil coats the hair surface to prevent water loss.

Hair Make Supplement comes in 2 types, one (pink) for straight hair, another one (orange) for permed hair.

Review on Hair Make Supplement for straight hair
(Recommended to be used on washed towel-dried hair for better results.)

Felt so sad whenever I saw the dryness on my hair ends… =(

Hair Make Supplement is recommended to be used on washed, towel-dried hair, infact most hair serums are to be applied that way. But for this blogpost, I decided to try it on my dry hair to see what the results would be like.

I picked the pink bottle to try it out. The bottle looked so cute!! It had a shape of a supplement pill!

I took about 3 full pumps.

Smells niceeeeeeeeeeeee!

The nice fruity with abit of floral scent from the Hair Make Supplement made me feel so rejuvenated!

Upon application, I tried to spread the light texture heavily on my hair ends, and some remaining amount all the way up to my mid hair length.

Check out my hair ends, they looked so smooth and healthy!

After applying my hair ends, I believe my palms still had some residue of the product, so, I just brushed through my hair crown with my palms.

Surprisingly, the frizzes on my hair top were tamed! Less frizzes as compared to before.

Hair Make Supplement is non sticky and non oily on my hair.

It’s so light on my hair that I felt my hair had nothing on at all!

I’ve also tried the product on my washed, towel-dried hair. My hair felt smooth and very manageable when it’s dried up after application. The fruity scent tend to last longer that way.

Hair Make Supplement is available in 2 types (straight hair, permed hair) at Watsons ya!

Hair Treatment Water

After applying hair serum on the hair, it’s still not the end. Incase you aren’t aware, hair moisture tends to evaporate be it under the hot sun, or inside an airconditioned room.

Introducing this  hair mist from Lucido-L!

I carry this handy-sized Hair Treatment Water (hair mist) around to moisture the hair at all times! Usually at the end my working day, my hair looks tired and dull.

Hair Treatment Water saved my hair from looking dead! Just 1-2 sprays, my hair becomes alive with the a healthy shine.

Just like our face and plants, hair needs to be moisturized at all times!

Next, Heroine Make!

Kiss Me Heroine Make Series are also brought in by Mandom Corp. I totally dig this makeup range, particularly the liquid eyeliner and mascara!

Inside the brand name “Heroine Make”, the word heroine refers to a lady in a movie. In general, a heroine is supposed to remain brave, confident and beautiful under all bad circumstances that happened to her. Even when she cries, her beauty remains. Heroine Make series is specially created for ladies who inspire to be a heroine.

Check out the cupcakes specially baked with Kiss Me Heroine Make as the main theme!

Inside Heroine Make Series, there are mascara, eyeliner (NEW improved versions), falsies, eyelash serum (NEW pdt), eye tape tools (NEW pdt), bb cream!

Heroine Make series aren’t nothing new to me, infact I have already been using them since last year.

Here are my REVIEWS for Heroine Make products!

[My first buy] Kiss Me – Volume & Curl Mascara – How To Use:

[Review] Heroine Make – Volume & Curl Mascara, Heroine Make Mascara Remover:

[Review] Heroine Make –  Long & Curl Mascara

[Review] Heroine Make – Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

[Review] Heroine Make – 2 mascaras being used together! Volume & Curl x Long & Curl

[Review] Heroine Make BB Cream

More BB Cream to try!

[Review] Heroine Make – Fake Eyelashes No. 03

More falsies to try!

These falsies are from 2010 series, and there will be new ones coming end of 2011 or 2012, be sure to keep a look out for them at Watsons stores!

The above reviews are from 2010. For the liquid eyeliner, right now there are two newly revised version ones, Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N and Impact Liquid Eyeliner N. Both are more intense in terms of blackness, more long-lasting as compared to the earlier versions.

Differences between Smooth and Impact liquid eyeliners:

My recommended must-try items if you are a newbie to Heroine Make:

Long & Curl mascara – Long-lasting, waterproof, smudgeproof, dramatic lengthening.

Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N – Enhanced blackness, waterproof, resistant to tears, sweat, water and sebum, easily removed by warm water.

Other than the 2 improved versions eyeliners, 2 newly launched products from Heroine Make are the Eyelash serum and Proof Eye tape.

Eyelash serum

– Rich texture acts as a protective coat to add firmness to the eyelashes.
– Concentrated oil-rich formulas to ensure eyelashes are moisturized and stay separated from one another.
– Soft brush is designed to apply the serum well even to the tips while separating the eyelahes.

Proof Eye Tape

– Elastic fiber-like tape that is almost NOT noticeable even from close distance.
– Tapes are so fine that we hardly feel that we are having them on out eyelids. Comes in 2 fine thickness, 1mm and 0.07mm.
– Strong adhesion, resistant to water and sweat, long-lasting.
– Skin Patch tested, do not cause skin irritation.

Heroine Make products are available at selected Watsons stores!

Finally, after applying the makeup, we will also need special care to remove them!

Cleansing Express, the well-known and highly popular makeup remover, was also brought in by Mandom Corp. Cleansing Express has renamed to Bifesta recently.

Bifesta! The word simply means Beauty Festival!

Under Bifesta, there are 7 different types of makeup removers to cater to individual needs and for the different purposes.

Review on Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover
I tried out this makeup remover on my waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover is a waterbased product. Its formulation was derived from toners which contain oil dissolving moisturizing agents. Oil contained in makeup is lifted up quickly without tugging and rubbing on the delicate skin. Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover moisturizes the eyes area during eye makeup removal.

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover is bi-phase, it consists layers of water and oil. This formulation ensures stubborn eye makeup can be easily removed.

Here’s my eye makeup with waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara before product application.

Give the eye makeup remover a shake before use.

Poured an appropriate amount onto cotton pad, be generous ya, at least ensure half to two-third of the cotton are soaked.

Wipe gently onto the eyes. Rubbing is not required as Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover works by lifting makeup rather than melting it away.

For waterproof eye makeup like my scenario here, hold the cotton pad onto the eyes for awhile before wiping it off.

During my first wipe, I wasn’t generous with the product and I didn’t hold the cotton pad onto my eyes for awhile before the wipe. It resulted that my first wipe wasn’t very successful.

So I poured more onto the cotton pad during my 2nd wipe, this time I made sure I held my cotton pad onto my eye makeup for a few seconds before the wipe.

And true enough, most of my eye makeup came off!

There were a few smudges on my bottom eyeline, I folded the cotton pad and used the clean area to wipe the rest of my eyes area, the smudges were removed very easily.

No stinging on my eyes, mess-free and fast way to remove eye makeup.

See how effective the Eye Makeup Remover is!


Thanks to the big generosity from the Bifesta, the nice folks from Bifesta are now giving FREE bottles of 30ml Cleansing Lotion Sebum to for everyone to try!

What you need to do is…

  1. LIKE” Bifesta facebook fan page:!/Bifesta.SG
  2. On the left column, click on the “Free Sample” link to go the app to redeem your sample, which is a 30ml Cleansing Lotion Sebum!
  3. Enter your particulars and under the Password field, type “Sassyd0ll” and viola, prepare to receive your trial-sized product!
  4. Spread this love to your friends, fast!!

Enjoy using the product! ❤

Thanks to Mikki and Yunwen for inviting me to the party, it was fun and very informative!


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