#Review# Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil – The only makeup remover which requires very minimum rubbing!

Here’s another sponsorship from The Sample Store and Fancl SG.

I was picked to try out one of the hottest product from Fancl, Mild Cleansing Oil! (in short, I’ll type MCO here ya)

Yes it is one of the hottest product and one of my must-have & worth-to-try makeup remover which I’ve tried so far.

For those who have read my posts in the forum, you’ll prolly know I am a vivd fan of Fancl MCO. I never fail to stock up at least half a dozen whenever I’ve a chance to buy them from Japan because the price is just so much cheaper!

Let me share with you why!

Fancl develops products which have got no preservatives, and this explain their products’ short life spans. For me, I use Fancl MCO almost once daily to remove my makeup, 2-3 pumps each usage, and I’m able to finish the bottle within 2 months.

Not only that, Fancl MCO required very little rubbing, massage, and emulsification.

When comes to skincare products, Fancl emphasizes less tugging of the skin, to minimize/delay aging skin.

Fancl demo-ed to the effectiveness and benefits of Fancl MCO to me, and in return for me to share with my readers!

Here’s a few snapshots showing you how gentle and effective the Fancl MCO is!

Take 2-3 pumps and apply the MCO onto the skin. Do a light rubbing, with minimum strength, it doesn’t matter if the light rubbing doesn’t remove the makeup, because later on, during rinsing, (or emulsification), the makeup will be removed by itself!

For mascara, it is recommended to use more amount of Fancl MCO.

There’s no specific rule on the temperature of the water for rinsing. But it’s always good to use very slight warm water, good for the skin. πŸ™‚

When mascara is unable to remove thoroughly during rinsing, give the skin a little more light rubbing, the water (together with Fancl MCO) will help to remove it.

Here’s how clean my skin is after rinsing…
Notice the brightened up area on my skin? The cleansed area felt soft and smooth.

And talk about the packaging of the Fancl MCO, I guess Japanese products are the pro in that.

Among so many beauty products which I’ve tried, Fancl is the only one with this unique “discipline” (guideline) in opening the packaging.

But remember, upon opening the product on the first day, remember to write the expiry date on provided label, paste it on the bottle, to remind you the expiry date. Freshness period for MCO is 120 days after the opening date. But like I mentioned earlier, for me, I use it once a day, 2-3 pumps per usage and I’m able to finish it within 2 months. πŸ™‚

Removing the bottle from the box, “unlock” the pump and Fancl MCO is ready to use!

Very easy, convenient, user-friendly!

At Fancl, they provide skin check analysis. I had mine and learnt better about my skin type.

A healthy skin condition, under the scope, the texture and lines on the skin surface layer form triangular shapes all over the skin.

But mine.. sigh… has got horizontal lines, without any triangular shapes. This tells me my skin type is towards the dry.

Not only that, I have moderate pigmentation and uneven skintone.



Did a moisture level check on my cheeks which show the horizontal lines…
Left cheek: 63
Right cheek: 67
Not so bad, but have to start taking serious care before it worsens.

Click on images for a bigger view

There were also a tension and collagen level analysis.
My skin’s tension level is 53 on the left cheek, 49 in the right. Collagen level is 0.17 on the left cheek and 0.19 on the right, average normal is 0.20, so still not so bad.

Click on images for a bigger view

Keen to try out the skin check analysis?

Free Redemption!
Mention that you are a reader of “https://sassyd0ll.wordpress.com” at any FANCL store islandwide (in SG) to receive 2 bottles of Deluxe TenseUp after a complimentary express skin check.
Valid till 30 Nov 2011.

Act fast!

And of course, don’t forget to join FANCL Facebook page (www.facebook.com/FANCL.Singapore) to get yourself updated with their latest news and products info!

Also receive $5 off Mild Cleansing Oil 120ml when you mention my blog URL!
Offer valid till 30 Nov 2011. Limited to 1 regular-priced bottle (120ml) per reader. Not valid with other promotions/ discounts/vouchers. Other T&Cs apply.


4 thoughts on “#Review# Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil – The only makeup remover which requires very minimum rubbing!

  1. Hi!
    I’m been reading your blog before you move to WordPress:) I like your reviews and great buys. Hehe. Anyway I went to one of the fancl outlet and they told me that the tenseup redemption only starts at the end of the month. Just want to confirm if the promo is ending or starting 30 nov? Thank you!! πŸ˜‰

  2. You wouldn’t know how happy I am to read this blogpost! I am a big big big huge fan of FANCL’s Mild Cleansing Oil. Have been using it for three years now and I’m stuck with it. XD

    Have bookmarked this page, will visit FANCL soon to stock up my MCO!!!

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