[Movie Review] Tower Heist

Tower Heist is a hilarious comedy movie. Be prepared to laugh your heart out from the beginning to the end of the show! Tower Heist is not just about “laugh-because-it-is-funny”, but also about teamwork and friendship, and together, everyone can get things work out.

Although it is a comedy movie, it’s still not an appropriate one for young kids to tag along, because the movie talks about robbery plans! Yes robbery plans on how to rob back what’s supposed to be yours, how exciting eh!

Inside the movie Tower Heist,  there lived a Wall Street Scammer, Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) scamming money from his investors and employees who were earning averaged income . As a result, some employees went bankrupt and committed suicide. While there were victims there trying to live on, Arthur Shaw enjoyed his richness and luxury of living in the most luxurious residential building in NY City.

Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller), was one of the employees working under Arthur Shaw, he’s the building manager to help his boss to manage the residential building which was also where the boss lived. Josh had his colleagues, Charlie (Casey Affleck), Enrique (Michael Pena), Lester (Stephen Henderson) who were all earning the similar average income, leading a simple and happy life.

Things changed when they realized Shaw took (or rather stole!) their retirement pensions under the Ponzi Scheme.

The FBI team lead by Claire Denham (Tea Leoni) were alerted but there’s no way to get back all the scammed money from Shaw. Lester committed suicide because of the money loss, Josh and his colleagues (Charlie and Enrique) were frustrated and took revenge on Shaw’s most expensive gold car which was inside Shaw’s apartment. They smashed the car windows, headlights etc. But all 3 of them were fired.

But they did not give up! It’s their hard earned money, why should they give up right!

So Josh began his plan to rob back all their money, and that mean he would need to form a team of “qualified robbers”! To prove their “qualification” in the robbery, each of them had to go do some stealing in public places. OMG, these scenes were hilarious! One of them actually went Victoria’s Secret to steal G-strings!!!

Being a building manager working at the building for many years, Josh knew the structure of the building very well more than anyone else. Inside his team, he had Charlie, Enrique, Mr Fitzhugh (Matthew Broderick), and Odessa (Gabourey Sidibe) who was a housekeeper for Shaw’s apartment. She’s responsible to tidy his apartment when the apartment was being watched by FBI. She’s good inside the movie, do look out for her chocolate cake story!

These members had sort of knew the bits and pieces of the building where they were going to rob.

But it was still not enough! They had no experience in robbery!

So Josh went on to seek help from a criminal, Slide (Eddie Murphy) who was supposed to have experiences in stealing. Each of them played an very important role in the robbery! You will prolly laugh your lungs and stomach out while watching.

And so after the team was formed, they began their conspiracy to rob Shaw’s apartment where they suspected the money were all kept inside.

One of my favourite scenes from Tower Heist came from the scene where by one of them (need to search for his name and exact lines) sped off on an empty truck (supposed to load Shaw’s expensive car). He was chased by the police and finally stopped his speeding when the police surrounded him. The police asked him why he was speeding, he replied he was planning to commit suicide but got chased by them so he increased his speed to  avoid being stopped from committing suicide!! That’s a crappy but innovative excuse!

I shan’t reveal to you what the ending was, you should really go watch it!

Listen to their words and it is going to be a relaxing movie session for you.

This movie doesn’t require a lot of thinking and you can be assured you won’t be walking out of the cinema with question marks.

Thanks to OMY for giving me this movie treat!!

I watched its preview on a weekday after work, a total de-stress from my work.


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