Za Limited Edition Cases in Retro Theme!

Christmas is coming and to celebrate this festive season, Za-Cosmetics is going to launch a set of their 2-way cake foundation cases in limited edition design!

This year, Retro is the theme. It’s about turning back the clock to the 70s, where everyone is friendly and loves partying, it’s also the era where people spreads love and peace, where technology was advancing, VCR, Pagers and Typewriters etc came in.

Do you still remember having the items in my photos below?
Bottled Drinks..
TV signal when no show was screening..

Very old-school telephone…

Have you spotted the Za limited edition casings??

When we talk about 70s, it’s always about party mood, the “Ah-Go-Go” dancing moves, bell bottom pants, people get high and fashion sense turns colourful, with polka dots!

Me and this retro-ish mic??

And these are what the limited edition Za cases are all about!
Bold colours, bringing out the cheery mood for the coming festive season, and prepare to party!

Too cute to resist right??

There are 2 limited editions to collect from this RetroPop Collections:

Jazzy Bubbles (pink) – Jazz up the mood with colourful dotty bubbles! Living the the 70s nostalgial!

McHey Candies (black) – Sweeten life with Pop! And happy colours! A splatter of pink to delight, a tinge of yellow for extra sunshine!

The best part is…

RetroPop collections are available in two promotional packs!

Each pack consists of:

  • The limited edition RetroPop case
  • 2 Skin Beauty 2-way foundation refills
  • 1 glam pouch

Retail Price: SGD33.50.

I’m a heavy pink-lover and so I’ll definitely pick Jazzy Bubbles! Though McHey Candies is also awesome, its black really brings out the “candies” colours!

Here’s a summary on what Skin Beauty 2-way foundation.

It’s one of the best-selling foundation under Za, and have been the No.1 selling foundation for 13 years!

It is a skin-loving product. Contains Hyaluronic Acid, ensuring the skin is well-moisturized even with make up on. Its super fine powder is able to conceal the pore, giving the skin a smooth and flawless finish. Its luminous powder helps the skin to achieve a natural glow.

Pretty eh!

I am now beginning to feel the Christmas mood, am looking forward to it!



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