Skin Inc Award-Winning products show instant results!

Attended a Bloggers’ Party by Skin Inc, one of the newly opened outlet located at Marina Bay Link Mall.

The new outlet was spacious and furniture was in white, a total match with their skincare products which talk about purity and radiance.

One of the star products at Skin Inc is their serum, which contain active ingredients and allows special concoction to suit every individual needs.

Skin Inc has provides skin check analysis as well so as to have a better understanding on our skin before the concocting the serum, this helps us to target on our skin problems more effectively rather than blindly use the products which may not be helpful to the skin.

For me, my skin problems are mainly pigmentation, dark circles and lack of moisture. (Pss..t! I’m already 30 this year, my cheeks areas have turned slightly dry… L)

Previously, I was recommended with their Placenta Serum which specially targets on uneven skintone, pigmentation and a little bit on dark circles. The result came very slow on me because of irregular usage of the Placenta Serum. I didn’t have the patience and stopped using after my bottle finished. [Read my experience HERE]

One of the serum is Replenish Hyaluronic Acid serum, which is highly popular among the customers. Hydration is very important to everyone, irregardless of which skin types.

So during the Bloggers’ Party, I had my skin check analysis one more time, and this time, I was prescribed with a concoction, instead of just one serum.

Skin Inc presented a live demo for us, to show us the instant results from their award winning products including the serum.

Applying Reviving Peel on the model…

Massage the face, and the dead skin cells started to appear…

Trying it on my hand…

Watery Gel-like texture with some exfoliating beads…

My skin felt smooth and brightened up immediately after i wiped off the exfoliated dirts.

Drip a few drops of the Replenish Hyaluronic Acid serum onto the face and give the skin a light massage…

Trying it on my hand…

Notice the blue “dots”? Those are the active ingredients.

After massaging the serum into the skin, the active ingredients will be dissolved with the serum and absorbed into the skin as well.

My skin felt very soft and supple after massaging!

Applying Pure Hydrating Deepsea Hydrating Mask

This mask can be used as a sleeping mask (leave it on during sleep), hydrating mask (followed by a wipe without rinse), or a moisturizing mask to be used during massage on the face.

To achieve a better absorption of the serum into the skin, an Optimiser together with the Pure Hydrating Deepsea Mask were used. The mask provided hydration and established smooth massage using the Optimiser.

Image extracted from my previous blogpost.

The Optimiser has got 3 different colours of light.

Quoted from my previous blogpost:

The one I am using is a mini one. mini as in it comes in one colour light.

Out of the 3 colours, I use Pure Green.Pure Green is just the right one for me.
It’s because it’s for dull skin!! So coincidence right?

Placenta and Pure Green are like customized just right for my problematic skin.Not only that, it’s definitely suitable to be used near the eyes.
There’s no heat or much vibration emitted, so no worries.
For me, I’ve studied Frequency before, LF is definitely safe for our face and eyes.

Image extracted from my previous blogpost.

The Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask comes in a tub packaging.

Transparent gel-like texture. Applying it on my skin felt cooling and refreshing. It’s not very thick and it’s comfortable enough to leave it on as a sleeping mask.

After the massaging using the Optimiser, wiping off the mask, the model looked very refreshing and her skin felt very smooth!

Not sure if you’ve noticed, her right cheek redness has subsided and looked better than her left.

Yep, Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask helps to calm the skin and reduce redness.

And finally, no lady should leave the house without a sunblock!

This sunblock from Skin Inc is tinted, can be used as a makeup base, or a foundation to give the face a natural look. It is not sticky and leaves a silky smooth texture on the skin.

Main ingredients in this sunblock are Ceramide and marine collagen. Both helps to moisturize the skin and delay aging process!

I was also given a complimentary facial treatment from Skin Inc. I got to choose either the Anti-Aging treatment or Anti-Pore Fuss-Fix treatment. But, sob sob.. I was too busy to make an appointment and by the time I was free, the treat had expired.

Basically, the treatments use the different serums which are necessary for our needs, make use of light, to heal and improve skin conditions.

The above is not a mask, it’s actually the face of a real-live man! :O

Skin Inc was pretty generous to the bloggers who had attended this party. We were treated with drinks, champagne and yummy cakes. Not only did we get to try out the serum specially concocted to cater to our different needs, and were offered a facial treatment from Skin Inc!

we were given a pretty souvenir to bring home too!

It’s this heart-shaped bling bling thumbdrive!

I felt so pampered by Skin Inc!

Anyway, you too can enjoy the pampering at Skin Inc! Try their facial treatment, no extractions involved! The folks at Skin Inc really help to make sure you can really relax and enjoy their treatments. 🙂

My humble review on my concocted serum
Been using my serum for 1.5 weeks, and this time I am more hardworking. I make sure I use it regularly hoping to see results.

My review is, pigmentations are not very much lightened, but my overall face looks better with the radiance.

No breakouts.

My skin feels hydrated when I wake up in the morning, looks like the moisture isn’t stripped off from the overnight aircon while sleeping.

Other than face, I use the serum on my neck during my sleep. It’s not going to be NICE if you see dry skin and fine lines on your neck even though you have a smooth face!

I am pretty amazed with the serum bottle. The Active ingredients can be clearly seen, and they are like “swimming” inside! They don’t sink or float! And they are coloured, depending on what serum I pick. Each serum contains different active ingredients.

Promotion at Skin Inc
1) Purchase a LED treatment @ $158 and get a free session of their Signature Customized Infusion treatment worth $198 free.

2) Get $50 off for minimum spent of $150 on all products
Valid for 1 time purchase till 30th November 2011
*Terms & conditions apply and applicable to all Skin Inc Concept Stores only.


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