Jean Yip Loft makes me feel I’m a VIP!

I had my first visit to Jean Yip Loft located at Outram Park.

It was a 7-storey building, fully owned by Jean Yip, built with full length glass panels and a rooftop jacuzzi facility.

This outlet is very different from the rest of the outlets we have seen in SG. It is not a normal salon, but a one-stop head to toe spa and self-pampering place, where all members and guests can enjoy the convenience to pamper themselves with massage, haircare, mani/pedi, steam bath, and jacuzzi sessions.

I had my complimentary full body massage at one of the rooms at Level 5.

Simple room but with all the necessities like shower cap, disposable panties, combs, locker… and if required, you can bring your own make up for touch up after the session.

My complimentary full body massage was about 45~60 mins. I chose the medium strength and my therapist was May.

Right at the beginning of the session, she would test the strength on a few parts of my body to see if I was okay with it. So far, everything was good. All i said was “okay!”, “can”. πŸ™‚

Because it’s a full body massage, you have to be prepared to be naked from top to bottom ya! *no shy no shy*

My massage started from my back neck and shoulders, which were the most aching areas on me, blame on the long hours facing the computer and typing. But I felt shiok!

Rest of the back areas to massage were my back, spine, hips, thighs and feet.

When the back was done, I turned around for my front body to be massaged. *shy again*

Front areas will include the stomach, thighs, feet, arms, palms. The boobs would not be touched and would be covered with a towel at all times. *no shy no shy* keke!

Finally, the massage ended with a head/scalp massage.

No worries about feeling too oily on the body after the massage, because each time an area was done, therapist would wipe off the excess oil/lotion from the body.

Before I left, I was brought to a lounge where I was offered a cup of ginger tea and a bowl of hot desserts to enjoy, and rest.

Complimentary Full Body Massage For You!
Keen to enjoy the complimentary full body massage which I had? Comment your name and mobile, and I’ll get the folks from Jean Yip Loft to call you for an appointment.

And oh! Can i suggest you to wear something comfy and casual for the massage? Easier to strip off and change back after the session!

For me, i wore a new dress which i have recently bought from BV. I just had to slip in and I was good to go!

Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Jean Yip Loft
307 North Bridge Road
Opposite Pear Centre
Take Mrt via NorthEast Line, alight at Outram Part station, Exit H.
Less than a 5 mins walk, and you’ll reach Jean Yip Loft!

Complimentary Full Body Massage For You!
Keen to enjoy the complimentary full body massage which I had? Comment your name and mobile, and I’ll get the folks from Jean Yip Loft to call you for an appointment.


18 thoughts on “Jean Yip Loft makes me feel I’m a VIP!

  1. Name : Sheila Stephanie Edisanto
    Hp number : *****816

    Hi Sheila, I have gotten your number and hence edited your comment to hide your privacy. πŸ™‚

    • not really, they may ask you if you will be interested to hear about their packages, or they will try to intro abit.. but definitely won’t pester till like don’t want to let you go. πŸ™‚

      • me too! i had this experience during facial with Asian Skin Solution, a total turned off!

        but at Jean Yip Loft, there was no disturbing and selling during the massage, my therapist provided me a good service. πŸ™‚

    • Nope!! The therapist is purely on giving the massage service, definitely no hard selling. very relaxing! I had a colic who went before, she bought from deal, she fell asleep during her massage!!

      They do try to sell after the massage while enjoying the desserts, but not very extreme IMO. πŸ˜€ She actually asked me if I was interested to know more about their packages before introducing them to me.

  2. Sounds like they’re really good, whenever I go for massage or facials, the therapists will keep trying to hard-sell their packages! Is it still available? Valerie,***** 326

    hi Valerie!
    count u in!

  3. Wen Ying

    Thanks babe!

    Hi Wenying, I can try to submit your name but i can’t confirm if they will call you ya, not sure if they have reached their cap. πŸ™‚
    good luck!

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