Fresh Skincare with Skin Ergetic from Biotherm

Ladies living in this century are very independent. Most of us lead a hectic lifestyle looking after our families and work, and we also have to take care of ourselves, ensuring we still look fresh and good everyday, hiding away the tiredness.

First sign of tiredness is always on the face, signs of fatigue like:
Loss of radiance
Uneven complexion
Visible pores
Unrefined skin texture

Gosh, I think I have all of the above! =/

Quoted from Biotherm:
“One night’s sleep is not enough to recover, and this generation of women sleeps an average of one hour less than the preceding generation… Their faces look tired more often, and friends and family mention it to them. Such remarks are all the upsetting because, physically, they feel in top shape.”

The quote sounds so true on me! Every time after skincare and makeup, I always feel I’m on top form. But a few hours later, my face tends to look dull again. Sigh!

Fret us not!

Biotherm has recently developed a new skincare product, Skin Ergetic Serum. It’s all about FRESH skincare to achieve a skin looking fresh!

Why it’s fresh is because of the active ingredients used inside the formulation and it makes use of Fresh Skincare Technology.

Brocolli Extract!
Brocolli is one veg which contains a lot of health benefits, anti-oxidant functions and is able to induce defense systems. The main nutrients from broccoli are the extracts from its sprouts which are rich in Sulforaphane (active compound), which helps to product an anti-oxidant self-defense system.

Fresh Skincare Technology
Although broccoli extract is a powerful active ingredient in fighting skin fatigue, but when it is added to a skincare (watery texture, serum in this case), it becomes very unstable. Biotherm laboratories overcome this by packaging the broccoli extract into a capsule, tightly and freshly sealed. The concentrated broccoli extract will be released from the capsule into the serum in just one click during opening of the product.

How To Use
This technology ensures that the active ingredient added to the skincare is able to retain its optimum stability for 3 months, which is to say, the serum (after mixing with the broccoli extract in powdery form) expires 3 months after the date of opening.

To help me in remembering the date, there’s a sticker labeled behind the serum bottle for me to jot down the date of opening.

Taking about 2-3 drops are more than enough as a serum for my whole face. Any excess, I just massage and pat them onto my neck.


It comes in watery texture (just like any other serum), non-oily on my skin. Infact it is easily absorbed into the skin after the massage and leaves the skin feeling refreshed. Despite it contains broccoli extract, there isn’t any broccoli smell, it smells fruity and refreshing.

Other than just depending on this “Fresh” serum, taking a lot of vegetables and fruits are important as well. I’ll recommend vegetables which are in green (like broccoli) and fruits like , prunes, berries, purple grapes, kiwi (the yellow one) which are provide anti-oxidant purpose and rich in Vitamin C and E. These in turn helps to achieve a brighten-up skin and delay skin aging.

Of course, it’s always a good habit to see something in green for a minute after facing the monitor/TV for too long. This helps to rest our eyes!

That said, keeping a pot of plants in our rooms, work desks make our living/working environment so much livelier!

Quoted from Biotherm:
Live Ergetic. Stay Ergetic. Skin Ergetic

Been using it continuously for a week, I didn’t see an obvious brightening effect on my face, but I can feel my cheeks are slightly more moisturized and have turned less flaky. Moisturizers are able to absorbed more effectively into my skin.

Biotherm Skin Ergetic Serum is now retailing at SGD99 for a 50ml bottle, available at all Biotherm counters located in the departmental stores and Sephora.

I’ve shared this write up on Biotherm’s Facebook page, do LIKE my link if you like my blog post.

This event was organized by CozyCot and Biotherm, held at CozyCot office. I feel very honoured to be one of the invited beauty bloggers.


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