I did it again! This time, Chocolate Brazilian Wax! Shiok!

Before you carry on, feel free to click on all images for a bigger view.

Resolutions of the photos taken for this blogpost are a little different from the usual ones.

Fugly or FURgly?
It is no secret that Strip: Ministry of Waxing is against fur – be it on our bare skin, bags, coats or shoes.

So it’s only natural for Strip to team up with international animal group. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for the UNFURGIVABLE campaign in the battle against Fur.

Join me in the Anti-Fur movement!

My Experience!
Had my full Brazilian Wax at Strip at Wheelock Place.

501 Orchard Road
Wheelock Place #05-04
T +65 6734 0040

Open 10am – 9pm Daily
Closed on Selected Eve of & Public Holidays

I met Chloe who gave me a rough idea what I was going to expect since this was not my first visit. =)

Walking to my room…

This was the room where I experienced Chocolate Wax!

There were  3 flavours of wax to choose from, Strawberry, Chocolate and Lavendar.

I had tried Strawberry Wax previously so I did Chocolate wax this time.

Before the waxing started, my Therapist gave me a Hygiene Pack to clean myself.

Like the other rooms at Strip, there were mantra being scribbled on the walls for me to read so as to divert my attention from the waxing pain.

All in all, I had about 14 strips on my front and 2 strips at the back. Yes, towards the end, I actually turned my back at my therapist, haha, weird eh?

Throughout my session, the waxing procedure was very swift and accurate.

Stripology, Hygiene, Speed, Quality.

Quoted from my previous blogpost on Strawberry Wax:
Hygiene as in every waxing dips their customers have, the Waxpert is always using a brand new “ice cream stick”. There will be NO chance of double dip. Double dip as in using an “ice cream stick”, dip once, apply on the skin, dip again, strictly NO!

Speed, especially Brazilian Wax Virgins, we will want to have the waxing process done once and for all in a swift so as to lessen and get over with the pain! And yes, Strip Waxperts wax at full speed with good accuracy!

Quality, in their products. All their products are specially formulated and will never have imitated ones!

How the wax was applied
An ice cream stick was used to scoop the warm wax, Therapist will wait for the wax to cool down for a few seconds before spreading into the skin area. Wait for a minute or so, the wax will be harden enough to be peeled off, this is what i termed it as “strip”. Immediately after stripping, Therapist will press her palm on the area to calm the skin, it works! The same procedure will repeat. As and when, Therapist will use the hygiene pack to clean the skin area before the next strip.

During the session, out of the 16 strips, only 2 strips gave me the most pain, but all pain were bearable. I just had to breathe in and be ready. Therapist will use her palms to press on my skin immediately after each strip, so as to calm and soothe the skin.

I was allowed to ask the Therapist to press longer as and when I needed it.

Staff at Strip are very friendly and professional. They sure know how to make me comfortable.

Do’s and Dont’s recommended by Strip
[1] No hot baths.
[2] No swimming or sunbathing.
[3] No heat or UV treatments like sun beds or saunas.
[4] No tight clothing.
[5] No perfumed products including deodarant, anti-perpsirant, self-tanner or make-up.
[6] No touching, scrubbing or rubbing of the area unless you want a bacteria infection!
[7] No intense exercise, you won’t want to pull or stretch the delicate skin!
[8] Do apply their recommended after-wax care products regularly, so as to prevent/treat ingrown hair.
[9] Do exfoliate every 4-7 days, starting 3 days after the wax. The after-wax care products will include a scrub.

Strip has this X-Out Cream to be used at night to prevent in-grown hair, and Ice Cream to moisturize the delicate skin during the day.

Right now , Strip, together with havaianas, are having a promotion!
Buy 1 brazilian wax session and slip your delicate feet into a pair of havaianas! $45 will get yourself a ruby red pair while $40 will get the purple pair!

I picked Ruby Red!


Not only that, Strip includes a body moisturizer and a body scrub of you to take home!


From now till 30 November 2011, Strip will donate $1 to PETA for every Brazilian Wax done. Liberate yourself and the animals with a Brazilian Wax at $40 (U.P. $58). Here’s another good reason to go bare skin and not wear skin!

Read my strawberry Brazilian Wax experience HERE!


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