War of the Apps

Sometime ago, I was invited by infocomm123 to attend an event, War of the Apps.

The event introduced to us about this lifestyle app, ShowNearby.

ShowNearby is Singapore’s #1 Location-Based Service Provider.

ShowNearby is basically an app which shows smartphone user what are the places nearby the user. Nearby places include cafes, restaurants, libraries, petrol stations, churches, clinics etc. ShowNearby also share what and where are the Must-Tries nearby when user has got no idea what to eat!

It’s a pretty interesting app and is FREE for all to download to for Android, Iphone and Blackberry.

Recommendations and info from ShowNearby are contributed continuously by the community (public). Say you are a user of ShowNearby and have found a new food place, you are welcomed to suggest this new food place to ShowNearby to share with other smartphone users. You can even submit your reviews for everyone to see!

Next I get to witness a debate between 2 lifestyle bloggers, Calvin and Daren, who did a comparison between Android and Iphone.

I have used both Iphone 4 and Android phone for quite sometime, and I am proud to say I am a fan of Android phone!

Previously was using Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, and recently bought HTC Sensation. Both are terrific Android phones! 😀

The debate was quite a gentle one though, I was expecting a fierce quarrel! LOL

Anyway, just to spread the words around….

Infocomm123 is having a contest right now!

Just need to vote for your favourite smartphone App and why it is your favourite, and you will stand a chance to win an IPAD2!

Contest ends 25 October 2011.

Vote at www.infocomm123.sg/contests


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