Food Tasting Event: Creation Cafe

Last weekend, I had joined 8 other bloggers for a food tasting session at Creation Cafe.

Creation Cafe is a pasta restaurant which serves pretty good pasta in my own opinion. Creation Cafe has quite a wide variety of sauces to go along with the pasta.

I was told that the pasta which Creation Cafe serves are award-winning pasta! *wow*

Checking out the cute and simple menu:

Other than the yummy pasta, we were served with soup and drinks to go along with the 5 main courses.

What we had were basically the lunch sets which were priced at $9.90 and slightly more than $9.90 for some sets, depending on the sauces the customers choose.

During this food tasting session, we were treated with yummy pasta from their top 5 sauces, Seafood Carbonara, Spicy Crab Meat, Java Curry Sauce, Laksa Cream Sauce, Mushroom Risotto.

Carbonara pasta was my all-time favourite, with ham, sausage and mushroom shredded into the pasta. Pasta cream lovers must try this!

For seafood spicy crabmeat, there will be an additional charge of $4.00. A claw and a leg of the crab were included!

Seafood Java Curry Sauce, an additional charge of $1.00. I find the curry taste not bad but too much of it can get a bit sick of the taste. Or maybe because that was my 3rd pasta dish and i was like half full?

Seafood Laksa Sauce, additional $1.00. The Laksa Sauce was good, took me awhile to really get used to the combination “pasta + laksa”.

It’s my first time to try Risotto, I must say it is very filling with the rice which is as big as those Japanese Pearl Rice. It has a mixture taste of mushroom and vegetables.

I will suggest come in groups, so that everyone get to try the different pasta sauce.

Creation Cafe
100 Beach Road,
#01-43 Shaw Leisure Gallery,


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