Android App Launch on!

I am a fan of Android, have been using Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for less than a year, and this phone never fails me a single time, even after dropping it on the floor a few times!

Anyway, I love the interface of Android, its many many FREE apps. I have great interest in photography, using phone camera, playing with lomography, tilt-shift etc. The FREE photography apps in Android are really interesting and user-friendly. It’s not because I have not used iphone before that I love Android. I used to own an iphone 4 few months ago, till I lost it after a bad night. Comparing between Apple and Android, I vote for Android.

I am also addicted to, and today, I realised an Android app has launched on!

Using the DEAL Android app, users can:

  • Explore the best of what Singapore has to offer, while on the move
  • Just flash your voucher using the phone – no need to print vouchers!
  • Make payments and purchase the DEALs while on the move
  • Have a record of all your purchases conveniently available anywhere / anytime
  • Do all that for FREE!


I’m so going to d/l the app now.

Download at: Android MarketLifestyle › via your Android today!


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