#Review# Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner

i’ve been keeping this eyeliner pencil for like more than a year or more!

it’s actually one of the sponsored products which i’ve received along with Heroine Make cosmetics, very long time ago.

other than this eyeliner pencil, i’ve also tried its Rotation Lip Concealer & Lipgloss to create a pair nude lips. effect was not too bad.

when i first tried out Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner, i used it on my upper eyeline. i didn’t quite like it because it was not dark enough for the define look which i wanted.

but i didn’t want to waste it and tested it on my waterline.

woah! the result was good! it didn’t smudge except for the outer eye corners, occasionally.

my colleague even commented that my waterline liner was able to last for so many hours at work.

actually after many hours of application, the liner turned out to be less darker than when i applied in the morning, but looking from far, a thin black line was still visibble.

Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner is like a 3-in-1 eyeliner!

On one end is the eye pencil, in crayon-like texture, a retracting one.

On the other end there is a crayon sharpener and a smudger!

How convenient can that be right?! For the smudger, it’s a spongy rubbery tool which helps to erase any smudge. I also use it to blend my lower eyeline at times when my lower eyeline is drawn too thick or too dark.

This is one of my holy grail eyeliner for drawing on the waterline!

Without drawing the waterline (bottom eye-line),

After drawing a thin waterline, using Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner,


See the difference? I love drawing eyeliner on both upper and lower eyelids, it does make my eyes look bigger. 😀

Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner (SGD16.90) is available at Watsons stores – their Kawaii shelves.


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