#Review# Kamaria Pure Milk Whitening Cleansing Oil

The name “Pure Milk”, its cute “carton milk box” packaging, and the cowcaught my eyes attention.

Just like me, you may have thought the texture of this cleansing oil( CO) is milky and in white? But then again, CO is usually in 1 or 2 layers (biphase) in clear/translucent oily/watery texture, what is it like to have CO in white?

Wrong lor, opening up the “carton box” of the “Pure Milk” CO, I see clear watery CO!

Comes in pH 5.5, pretty healthy to the skin. I don’t remember sensing any smell/fragrance.

It states that this CO is able to penetrates deeply into the skin. I’m like, “huh” cleaning OIL” penetrates into my skin layers?? I don’t know.

Whitening Formula
It also states 1000mg of milk, Job’s tear grains (Coix Lacryma) that helps the skin to regain back to baby feel, translucent, fair brightened skin.

Moisturizing Formula
Olive oil essence and egg white extract are used in the formulation. These help to provide moisture to the skin, locking up the natural moisture from the skin.

How I use is, take the appropriate amount into my palms and massage them onto my dry face (okay with wet face but I find the CO too dilute and watery), before emulsification.

I don’t feel any “friction” or “cushion” during emulsification, it’s simply too watery to convince myself that my face makeup is removed.

Say to say, despite containing 50% of olive oil, I don’t find it very effective in removing off my makeup, especially smudge proof mascara and liquid eyeliner.

One good thing about Kamaria Pure Milk Whitening Cleansing Oil is, it’s oil-free. I don’t feel its oiliness. 🙂

Another plus point, it is alcohol-free.

Product of Korea, made in Taiwan.

If you are interested, you may check them out at John Little.


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