Mooncake Making Workshop at Aii ♥

Emily and I went to buy a voucher on snowskin mooncake making workshop from and we finally fixed a date for the class last saturday.

It was a 90-minute class, starting from dough-making to filling up the snowskin mooncake.

Venue was at Orchard Central, an area occupied by, frequently used for holding their classes there. Before I joined the class, I had already seen a class of ice cream making workshop at the same venue. I believed that area has been rented out to Aii for holding their workshops.

It was a class of (around) 20 pax, included both males and females, definitely not weird for the guys to join with their partners, afterall, it’s fun for couples to make food together!

Emily and I reached on time and we were dressed with the provided aprons.

Getting ready for the workshop!

Two types of snowskin mooncake at the workshop, mango-flavoured skin, and the mocha-flavoured skin.

I wanted to take mango, but by the time Emily and I washed our hands and return to our seats, all the mango-flavoured were taken! oh well!

With demo and hands on plus some theory (yes theory, we need to know the factors that can cause the skin to be chewy or harden, or why it tears easily). Water is the key factor, IMO]. I wasn’t experience if the softness of my snow skin was acceptable, but Celebrity Chef Micheal Liu was with us to tell us! He’s good ya, he explained very clearly for each step and the precaution we needed to know.

With all the weighing, kneading, this was what I had got,

Those who had picked mango, theirs looked like banana sia! LOL!

Then after another round of weighing, we proceed with the fillings, followed by the wrap and mould. Chef Michael Liu shared with us the traditional way of wrapping, I didn’t have the time to wrap his way. Each table was only given a weighing scale to be shared among 5-6 pax and so we had to take turns and wait. Alot of time was spent on Q-ing, and in the end I was only left with very little time to do the filling and wrapping, so I just wrapped my “anyhow” way.

In the end, my snowskin was too thick for the filling, filling was too little! wahahhaha!

Anyway, Emily and I just wanted to have some fun, so we didn’t bother much about “are ours the best snowskin mooncakes?”


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