#Review# L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Micro-Vibration 3-in-1 Eye Brightener

Won this Eye Brightener from L’Oreal Paris sometime ago, mentioned in the blog post HERE.

Targets on dark circles, eye puffiness and pigmentation

This eye brightener comes with an eye cream, a roller which helps to improve blood circulation during the massage and also acts like a massager using the micro vibration mode!

It operates on battery.

Why micro-vibration?

It produces 130 micro-vibrations per second! I am convinced that it is able to promote blood circulation. Despite the 130 vibrations/second, they are pretty gentle and in no way can hurt my delicate skin.

For the eye cream, it contains Melanin-Vanish™, extracts of Tourmaline Gemstone, and caffeine to achieve a brightened-up pair of eyes.

Squeeze out the appropriate amount of the eye cream and apply 4 dots under the eye area.

Switch on the vibration mode and start the vibrating massage!

I chanced upon this youtube clip casting 范冰冰, with a little demo on how to use the White Perfect Micro-Vibration 3-in1 Eye Brightener.

Been using it for like a week, haven’t seen much improvements on my dark circles, but I’ve noticed the reduction in puffiness.

I just love the way the micro-vibrations gave to my eye areas, my eyes feel very relaxed during and after the massage.


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