I witness Mum’s eyelash extension process!

You prolly didn’t know how trendy my mum is. She knows how to keep herself updated with the beauty trends in sg and she sure knows how to dress up to look good despite her age.

One of her beauty lifestyles is beautifying her face. She’s the one who is willing to splurge on her face as long as she can look good. Eyelash extension is one of her addictions recently. She saw a cheap deal at a neighbourhood salon (Toa Payoh Bus Interchange) on eyelash extension, so she went for it with her friend, each of them paid SGD68 for the service.

There different types of eyelashes for us to choose, they are different in the length and curl.

The adhesive gel which she used to stick each strand of eyelashes was in black, in watery texture.

Mummy’s friend had chosen eyelashes with very obvious curls and length.

The beautician who is also the eyelash specialist, cleans and preps the eyes. She then dip the end of each eyelash strands onto the black adhesive gel, and apply them onto mummy friend’s eyelids.

Each eye requires between 20 and 40 new lashes, depending on how full you want yours to appear.

Here’s my mummy’s one! She’s more into natural eyelashes, hence she chose moderately length and curl.

Touch is possible if the eyelash falls out. I asked mum if it’s painful when the eyelash with the bonding adhesive touches her skin, she said no. But for precaution, tapes were pasted on her lower eyelids just incase the bonding adhesive touches her own lower eyelashes.

The whole process was about an hour and it really depends on how skilful the eyelash specialist is. She must be skilful to put on the strands precisely without affecting the real eyelashes. She must also be able to ensure the eyelashes are fairly well seperated from one another. It will be very ugly if there’s a gap somewhere.

Here’s the final look of my Mum’s left eye,

My’s right eye,

But sad to say, her eyelash extension from this neighbourhood salon wasn’t long-lasting enough. Less than a week, some strands came off, and small gaps were noticeable. It was quite unbearable because some eyelashes were still on the eyeline, unable to remove them, even with makeup remover, and because some had came off, the eyelashes looked uneven in length, and were missing here and there. She could only go back to get a proper removal or wait till the rest of the eyelashes came off by itself.

I feel this eyelash extension is very addictive. The moment you see how pretty the eyelashes can be and so naturally-looking long and thick, you will want to do it again and again.

Recently I bought a S$22 (Usual price S$150) deal from BigDeal on eyelash extension (at Beauty Veranda) for Mummy since her previous one was not up to her expectation.

Looking forward to see her next experience. 😀


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