Hyper Couture Event

In one of my previous posts HERE, I mentioned about a fashion runway being held and Maybelline was one of the sponsors. It’s Hyper Couture, all about makeup and the latest pieces from a few popular blogshops!

I did attend Hyper Couture and was amazed by the eye makeup, especially the makeup arts using Maybelline HyperSharp Liner, and also the pretty clothes that were showcased.

Hyper Couture event was held at SOUL @ Odean Towers.

I was told door would open at 2pm, but I waited till 3pm for the door to be finally open. By then, the Q was super long! And the weather was super hot!

Luckily we were in the VIP Q and by 3pm, we managed to enter without further wait, phew! In attending such a GIRLS’ event, it’s good to attend with girlfriends who are of the same frequency as me. During this event, the same frequency is shop shop shop! lol!

I had Ning Xin, Yijing and Himeko with me!

Photo extracted from Himeko’s FB

We were so happy that we were able to grab good front row seats!

Photo extracted from Himeko’s FB

But then, we were very disappointed with the dim lighting, and the smoky ambiance. My friends and I could barely see clearly the demonstrated makeup and clothes designs. Even though there were two large screen projectors, they were not of any help.

Anyway, I still managed to catch and take snapshots of whatever I could see.

The blogshops which participated in this event were Missypixie, Modparade, Ohsofickle, Pearlavish and Smooch. The event had some other entertaining performances like singing and dancing, makeup demonstration.

Models walking down the runway…

They walked really very fast, I could hardly noticed the details in their outfits….

Look closely (Pardon my blur images), all models had eyeliner art drawn beside their eyes, very gorgeous! And yes, the make up were sponsored by Maybelline!

The dress shown in the below photo, it’s from MissyPixie, very sweet-looking dress in cotton material.

At MissyPixie, I also bought a cardigan in nude.

Very versatile as in I could wear it as a loose cardigan, pair with a belt or tie it up with its drawstring attached.

More apparels that were showcased at the event,

I think the apparels in the following photos were from Smooch.

Notice the yellow dress in the above photo? I fell in love with its drapes the moment I saw the model wearing it at the runway. It’s called Vera Drapes. Came in a few colours and I made a reservation for the piece in coral.

Service from Smooch was great. After making my reservation, few days later I received the invoice from them. They notified me my dress would be mailed on a Monday and guess what? I received my dress on Tuesday via Normal Mail! Fast!

Material was fab, silky smooth, thick at the chest area with an inner layer underneath the bottom.

A tad loose for my size (UK4-6), especially the waistline, I could fit into the dress with releasing the back zip!

The dress ended at my knees, not to my liking as it made me looked short.

See the side drapes, very pretty!

I just love how the dress can brings out my curves while wearing it!

Back to the runway…

The event ended with the following collections, I couldn’t remember which blogshop were the items from, but the they sure looked very colourful!

Hyper Couture fashion show ended with all the models, blogshop owners, makeup artistes and performers gathering at the runway, waving bye to the huge crowd.

The event was really a blast!

Doorgifts from sponsors….

There’s the Hello Kitty Volumizing Mascara inside! I am not a fan of Hello Kitty but I have been wanting to try out this mascara!

And oh, Soyato, hmm, something like yogurt ice cream but a healthy one? They were also one of the event’s sponsors, thanks to them that everyone get to cool down from the hot weather that day!

Photo extracted from Soyato’s FB

Other than the hot weather and dim lighting, Hyper Couture was great!


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