It’s Vichy’s 80th Anniversary!

Have you noticed the new range of skincare from Vichy?

I was introduced to their new skincare range at their recent workshop held, as a mini celebration of their 80th Anniversary.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal, it’s all about hydration, for all skin types including sensitive skin!

All skin types, doesn’t matter if it’s young skin or aging skin, hydration is a must in our daily life. Water consumption alone is NOT enough to hydrate your skin, unless you are like drinking nonstop daily?? Then again, you’ll turn bloated.

This is why skincare products that provide hydration adds into beauty life.

Vichy Laboratories has researched a synergy between Vichy Thermal Spa Water and Aquabiorly™. This unique synergy provides instant soothing sensation and long-lasting comfort.

About Vichy Thermal Spa Water
You may not know that the name Vichy is actually a town in France! Vichy has the most thermal springs in France and used to be known as the “Queen of spring water cities”. Till this era, Vichy is the leading city in Europe for spa, health and fitness, highly popular among tourists visiting to enjoy the wonder of the spring water (also known as spa water) in Vichy.

A test was done to show the efficacy of how well Vichy Thermal Spa Water can protect the skin against harsh environment.

pH indicators were added to beaker of Vichy Thermal Spa Water and another of normal spring water. Both turned blue, indicating their alkaline nature due to the mineral contents.

To show the efficacy of both water, Citric acid was added to stimulate what will happen after being exposed to harsh aggressors which were acidic in nature. And guess what?

Vichy Thermal Spa Water remained blue (still alkaline, meaning still with mineral contents!) while the normal spring water turned yellow, meaning acidic pH and is bad for skin!

So you see, Vichy Thermal Spa Water is just that “stable” and good for the skin!

* It’s Vichy’s 80th Anniversary, and bottles of spa water are now available in special packaging, limited edition!

The reason why the spring water in Vichy is so precious is due to its rare minerals content. Minerals like Magnesium (stimulates skin regeneration), Iron (helps in oxygenating skin cells), Calcium (protects skin tissue) etc, help to allow soothing, fortifying and regeneration the skin.

Soothing: Anti-Inflammatory and anti-irritant
Fortifying: Strengthens and protects tissue against aging
Regenerating: Stimulates cell renewal

And that’s how spa water is being introduced into Vichy’s products.

About Aquabiorly™
It’s a hydrating ingredient which not only hydrates, but also gives ultra comfort to irritated skin. It is able to hydrate 100% of the epidermis!

It is able to lock water molecules for its hydrating action.
It leaves a smooth protective film on the skin.

It gives comfort and soothe the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is also added into the product formulation to ensure moisture penetrates the deepest into the skin. It is famous of locking water molecules and gives the skin a protective layer to retain moisture.

Back to the workshop I attended….

Together with the invited bloggers and forum members, we had a room filled with food and beauty products.

To fit into the Aqua theme, we had sparkling water.

Freshly baked sandwiches, in very huge portions!

There were cakes at the end of the workshop!

And because it’s Vichy’s 80th anniversary, Vichy SG took the trouble to prepare a packet of sweets, which were embossed with “VICHY” and i believed, spa water is added in!

When i first saw the sweets, i had thought those were mask sheets in pill-like packaging!

They tasted minty and very refreshing!

*Eye Roll-On not inside the photo

Products inside this new range (with its price):

  • Aqualia Thermal Aqua-Gel (Star Product!), S$48
  • Aqualia Thermal Light Moisturizer, S$48
  • Aqualia Thermal Rich Moisturizer, S$48
  • Aqualia Thermal Fortifying & Soothing Serum, S$59
  • Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On, S$49
  • Aqualia Thermal Lips Soothing & Repairing Balm, S$18
  • Aqualia Thermal Mask (Psst! It’s Sassyd0ll’s favourite!), S$39.90

Inside Aqualia Thermal range, there are a few tubs of moisturizers for you to choose from. it all depends on our preference in the texture and how moisturizing we want.

You may also want to keep a bottle of the spa water as a “first-aid” kit item at home, as it helps to soothe redness, itchiness or even sun burned skin! It can also be used to reduce irritation from insect bites! 😀

The good news is, Vichy Spa Water is now on promo at selected Watsons stores! They are available in Special Limited Edition Bottles, come in pink and blue designs to choose from!

This Spa Water comes in a spraying bottle, which you can use it conveniently by just a spray, messy-free!

Give a few sprays into a small bowl, soak a “pill” of mask sheet (easily available at beauty shops like Sasa) for awhile, open up the soaked mask and masking starts!

One amazing thing I noticed from this mask was, the Spa Water was cold!!
Very refreshing and cooling to the skin!

Vichy products are available at selected Guardian, Watsons, Unity pharmacies, and major hospital pharmacies.

Open Contest – Spa Water Video Contest

Submit the most creative video you can come up with, demonstrate your way of using Vichy Spa Water! And you get to win a 16 GB Wifi Apple IPAD 2!

Scoring criteria:
Creativity 40%
Originality 40%
Relevance 20%

Email your video, name and contact number to: by 30 Sep 2011.

** Video to be less than 1024MB
** No longer than 10 minutes
** Aspect ration of the video to be between 9×16 and 16×9.

Good Luck!

Do join Vichy Facebook Fanpage HERE to get yourself updated with all their updates and activities!


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