#Review# Fake Eyelashes from Star Lash

Put on my fake eyelashes from Star Lash during the Maybelline HyperSharp Couture event last Saturday. Comes in Dark Brown and Black and i put on the black pair.

Black is rather common, it’s the brown that looks interesting to me.

I am wondering if brown will give a natural look since it’s going to match with my eyebrows and coloured hair. But neh! I will be drawing a black eyeliner, am going to look funny with brown lashes!

When comes to falsies, black is still the safe one!

Here’s the brown pair which the brown is only visible among those thin strands lashes.

FREE lash glue is included, but as usual, I don’t/never/will not use.

Using my DUO glue, Liquid eyeliner from Canmake, curling my lashes with Shiseido Maquillage eyelash curler, a few coats of Za Cutie Curl Long Lash, I am ready to put on the Star Lash fake eyelashes in Black!

Side views:

When i close my eyes……..

Looks not too fake, though abit dramatic long! But I like the thick lashbone it has.

Nice? Star Lash is available at Watsons and John Little, as far as I’ve noticed! 🙂


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