#Review# Choco Choco Choco…. Hmmmmm!

ChocoMarvel, a new Menstrual care drink from Hi Beau International. It is formulated with natural ingredients (plant extracts) and chocolate drink!

In almost every girl’s life, menstruation is a monthly affair which is unavoidable. It is also a monthly affair where most of us have to go through “un-controllable” discomfort from our body to the moods.

Getting easily agitated and feeling emo are few of the symptoms in me before my menstruation come. I can’t help but to feel so sad about everything that happens during this period. Worse still, I can feel upset when even when nothing happens! Not only that, my breasts tend to feel more tender than usual and comes with slight pain. Usually these symptoms happen in me 1-2 weeks before menstruation comes, so horrible!

And finally when menstruation comes, during the first 1-2 days, I face diarrhoea or constipation occasionally, I don’t know why, but I guess that’s the POWER when my hormone changes. -.-“

For some ladies, they tend to feel more worse than me. Stomach cramps, headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, backache, bloating are some of the common discomforts they tend to experience, pre and during menstruation.

Thanks to the ChocoMarvel, this drink is formulated with chocolate to ease our pain and discomforts during the menstruation period! Unlike the traditional brew soups and herbs, ChocoMarvel has the taste of a chocolate drink and yet contains all the natural ingredients to provide relief to the menstrual pain.And oh, no worries about gaining weight, it is a low fat drink!

The RELIEFS which ChocoMarvel give:

  • Promotes blood circulation and aid in relief of menstrual pain.
  • Helps relieve bloating, tension and discomfort
  • Helps replenish Iron loss during menstruation
  • Helps improve facial complexion
  • Helps maintain hormone levels, and reduce irritability and depression

I have actually tried ChocoMarvel before my sponsorship came. Throughout that month, I felt good, I didn’t feel emo which was a surprise for myself. Infact, I felt so good that I forgot my menstruation was coming! Before trying out ChocoMarvel, I usually estimated my menstruation arrival  the moment my emo and agitated mood came. But during that month, my menstruation came without myself-prepare because my emo mood was missing! kekeke!

What caught my attention about trying ChocoMarvel was its packaging! It has this “sliding window” on the box!

Each box contains 8 sachets.

I take one sachet once daily, just before I go to bed. Taking twice daily is alright as well, it depends on how often or how badly you want to feel soothe during the menstruation days.

One sachet is like more than enough to make a thick chocolate drink.

It is so convenient to drink it anytime at home or at work. But I choose to drink mine at home, before I sleep.

After pouring the ChocoMarvel powder into my mug, hot water is all that I need.

Do a few stirs….

And ChocoMarvel is ready for me to drink!

It does have the chocolate taste, I won’t say it taste 100% like a chocolate, but the taste is 99% there. 🙂

ChocoMarvel reminds me of drinking chocolate milk but less thicker than that.

I don’t face anymore diarrhea or constipation during my menstruation, and I feel really good about it, it’s like telling myself, I am healthy!

One mug of 1 sachet is enough to soothe my breasts tender pain and my mood before I sleep, ensuring I have a goodnight sleep till the next morning.

Too bad, I don’t have any sweet dreams after drinking it. 🙂

ChocoMarvel is selling at SGD19.90/box of 8 sachets.

Available at Guardian, Watsons and NTUC Unity outlets.
Twin packs are available at John Little, OG and Robinsons dept stores.

LIKE ChocoMarvel facebook to redeem your FREE sample today: https://www.facebook.com/ChocoMarvel?sk=app_213564948660624


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