After so long… finally!!!!!!!

Heh!! Have received my 250pcs name cards for my blog!

I have been contemplating about printing my own name card since a year ago! Each time when I meet up people from the brand marketing, media or at press events, usually the first chat started off with a self-intro by doing a name card exchange. But I feel kind of embarrassed (weird, or a sense of emptiness) as I have no name card for me to exchange with them.

I am thinking, since I will probably continue blogging for the next few years to come, it will be nice of me to get myself a proper name card for my blog.

So recently when I saw a deal at (one of the very popular websites which is all about self-pampering on travels, foods, mani/pedi etc at attractive prices!) on namecard printing at Vistaprint, I thought the deal was not bad and I went ahead to buy it!

Vistaprint has other interesting customized services at their website too.

The deal which I bought was only SGD12.50!!! so cheap right? I was allowed to choose any of the namecard templates and additional requests at no extra costs!

Customers of Vistaprint get to choose whether they want to use the ready-made templates available on the website, or submit using their own designs, very flexible here.

The whole trade was very fast and everything went smooth with no hiccups!

After submitting my templates and design, I received another email from Vistaprint, informing me that my cards have been shipped!

WOW, that’s so fast!

Within a few days, my cards arrived at my mailbox!

Here’s the front view:

and my name card back view:

Simple and sweet, I strongly believe this template suits my blog and my personal style, it’s like “SO ME”! *thick skinned*

I added my small avatar picture onto the name card. Usual purchase, additional cost will be incurred. But because I bought from the deal, I didn’t have to pay additional money.

I am proud to say 4 name cards have been given out!

Haha, 3 are my gfs (Himeko, Yijing, Ning Xin), and 1 for my bf. They are so supportive ya. I almost worried no one will want to keep my name card!

Anyway, if you are keen in printing a name card for yourself, there is a deal currently going on at! But it’s not the same as what I have paid. I paid mine at SGD12.50, the deal that is on-going now is SGD25. =X


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