Flaunt Your Gorgeousness with Amazing Hair

Most of us are living a hectic lifestyle, busy with work, family and kids. We hardly to have the luxury time to relax. And with all the environmental-stresses like pollution, agriculture, the food that goes into our bodies, our diets are somehow affected.

With all the factors mentioned above, hair problems are resulted. Yes, believe or not, hair problems are due to the stress we give ourselves from work and family, things like worrying about money and job, can add on to the stress. Not to forget our diet, an unhealthy irregular diet further worsens the hair issues. Finally our lifestyle and lack of sleep are also part of the causes.

Hair problem can be found on both men and women, and may start from any age.

A secondary student may be facing grey hair issue, a late 20 working adult may be facing hairloss issue, and a mother may be facing hair damage problem.

This is why hair care is very important since young. Just be shampooing and conditioning are definitely not enough. As we age, our hair needs professional hair treatments to target on the specific hair problems. One problem may lead to another problem, so before more problems arise, we must be hardworking to our hair!

And here comes our saviour, Yun Nam! I am sure you’ve heard of this name since years ago!

Established in 1984, Yun Nam Hair Care, a well-known household name for 27 years firmly believes in using natural herbs to improve hair health. Their customised hair treatments have helped countless male and female customers to recover from various hair problems.

They examine customers’ hair thoroughly to identify the causes of their hair problems and advise on which treatment is appropriate for them. With the use of advanced hair growth technology and herbal methods, nutrients are actively penetrated into your hair scalp and follicles to boost a remarkable growth.

Real Life Testimonial 1
Suzen Lau, 20 years old, Chemically Damaged Hair/Hair Loss

Suzen’s scalp scan before treatment

Suzen’s scalp scan after 8 treatment sessions

A happy Suzen

Your hair makes up your personality. It is crucially important to keep your hair in tip-top condition for an attractive appeal. With healthier hair, your confidence shines through naturally. What’s even better, nothing stops you from having trendy and stylish hairstyles. If you notice any signs and symptoms of hair loss problems, seek professional help early with Yun Nam Hair Care today!

Don’t wait till it’s too late!

Right now, there exists this fun webby: http://www.iwantgorgeoushair.com/

This website basically teaches and demonstrates to you on the typical hair problems we tend to have, what causes these problems, and how we should solve these problems.

It depends on which hair style you choose. Say if you choose the lady’s hair style, 3rd from the column, you will see the dandruff issue.

The page will tell you dandruff is caused by excessive build-up of hairstyling products clogging hair pores which eventually lead to hair loss!

I chose the short hair (something like a bob hairstyle).
To my horror, my hair turned grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s something which I never want! Who will want grey hair when we are supposed to look young, or rather; we want to stay looking young??

There were 3 steps shown on how what I could use to solve my problems, I clicked on flashing photo.

Step 1: Professional scalp scan & analysis
Step 2: Customized treatment using 100% Herbal Formula
Step 3: Customized homecare products

Clicking on the solutions brought me to another page!
This time, woah! My hair turns black! Phew!
The black hair looks silky smooth and with healthy shine!

And if you have a pair of sharp eyes, you will notice the new words appearing on the page!

Words like…

Healthy hair, healthy shine!
All-natural ingredients!

And the most important one….

Attractive hair treatment packages at $18 ONLY!!!

This hair treatment package includes the following:

  • 1 x Professional scalp scan and analysis
  • 2 x Customised Hair Treatment using 100% Herbal Formula
  • 1 Set of Customised Home Care Products

And bonus entitlements:

  • $8 Bata Voucher*
  • $30 SA Tours Voucher*
  • American Express Cardmembers will receive an additional $300 Yun Nam Hair Treatment Voucher*
  • *Terms & Conditions apply

There is also a “referral” system whereby purchasers of the $18 package can “share” the promotion with 5 friends. If any 1 friend purchases an $18 package within 48 hours the referrer will then be entitled to an additional Yun Nam Essence Treatment that is applied together with a Yun Nam’s Customised Hair Treatment to enhance treatment results.


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