Clinie Masks! Well-liked by Korean Celebrities!

Mask Sheets Lovers, pay attention!

Leaders Clinic Mask Sheets from Korea will be available in SG Sephora Outlets in August next month!

Leaders Clinic Mask Sheets are currently available at selected Guardian outlets in SG, you will have noticed them if you have been shopping at Guardian!

Top clinical experts from Korea have actually come up with a clinical skincare brand, Leaders Clinic. Leaders Clinic skincare has been a hot favourite brand among the Korean celebrities. Especially the Clinie masks, sale rate is as high as 500, 000 masks/month!!!

Right now, the masks are like one of the highly raved products in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Leaders Clinic masks are available in 2 range: Essential and Ampoule!

The Ampoule range contains equivalent of one ampoule content.
The Essential range contains highly concentrated essence.

What makes these masks unique and popular:
:: Effective Aesthetic Care for the skin based on dermatologist treatment principles.
:: Ultra thin Silk Cellulose material which fits onto the face like a second skin!!
:: Material of the mask enables better absorption of the essence!
:: Suitable for sensitive skin! (But please note, individual skin condition varies.)

Other than Clinie masks, Blackhead Nose pack from Leaders Clinic is in SG too!

This nose pack consists of a nose strip to remove blackheads and a serum to tighten the open pores so as to reduce the excess oil sebum production. Just these 2 steps, we can have a reduction of blackheads on the nose.

Thanks to Serenity Allure, I am given a chance to try out these masks. Gonna share my reviews soon!

Leaders Clinic Facebook
There will be a give away in Leaders Clinic Facebook Fanpage in August!!
Join the facebook fanpage to stay updated with the giveaway details!

And if you want to be introduced to MORE BEAUTY STUFF, do join Serenity Allure facebook fanpage too! Serenity Allure was started in 2010 to bring in various beauty products for the beauty lovers. You should check them out!

Good luck to u in winning the giveaway at Leaders Clinic! 😀


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