Join Me @ The Sample Store Today!

Being one of the members at The Sample Store, I have been redeeming many products from the store at FREE of charge. Redemption is free and I am able to redeem up to a maximum of 4 items per checkout.

There are so many exciting new products available at the store for me to try!

Here’s my recent checkout items!

Clockwise from top:

1. Biore Aqua Rich Uv Face Mousse Spf 50+/pa+++ sunblock to protect my skin while keeping the skin feeling refreshing! And it contains Hyaluronic Acid!

2. Zappy Boy Antiseptic Wipe (Reseal) in retail size of 10pcs! I use it to kill germs on my office table, or at home to clean my house phone!

3. Refreshing Stain Remover Wipes. I redeem it to keep inside my bag, just incase i need it to clean off the curry stain!

4. Fig Leather Polish Wipes. I want to try this our to polish some of my leather bags, hope it works!

Left to right:

1. Lustre Fresh Toner. Helps in the healing & recovery of pimples, fades scar marks, age spots, pigmentations!

2. Lustre Fresh Cleanser. It is said remove impurities, make up & excess oil in one step. In Creamy texture and helps to maintain skin’s pH!

3. TheNatureLab Oxygen Mask. This is good stuff! Use it as an alternative way to pump more oxygen into the skin! Skin needs oxygen to stay firm and supple!

The most hot favourite redemption was the Oxygen Shielf Bubble Mask from TheNatureLab in FULL RETAIL size (50ml)!!!Full retail-sized items at The Sampke Store are easily out of stock due to the overwhelming fast checkouts from the members. You’ll have to train your eyes and fingers, fast enough to grab them!

Another must-try samples available at The Sample Store now is the Sunsilk Shield & Frizz Control Light Cream!

This is an amazing haircare product which reduces Frizz, Fly-away and Flatness on the hair! My review on it is HERE.

Have you started your FREE redemption?
Or have you not joined the membership at $0 ?
to sign up now!

Free registration & FREE samples!

Samples arrive at your doorstep,
you don’t have to leave the house whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny day!


2 thoughts on “Join Me @ The Sample Store Today!

    • awww… you will have to be fast! it is usually updated on their facebook. as for this oxygen mask, it is only released in small qty on every fridays! so don’t forget to check on the page tmr! can be like in the morning, lunch or afternoon when they release. 🙂

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