#Review# Maybelline HyPeRSharP LineR

L’oreal mailed me “love” to my doorstep and i really felt loved when i came home to see the parcel!

Opened it up…

Something in GOLD caught my eyes!

YEs, it’s the HyPeRSharP LineR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

This is a very very very extremely super uber fine liquid eyeliner, perfect for drawing a natural looking eyeline, and perfect for drawing ‘Arts’ near the eyes, adding that art-feel to makeup!

I didn’t draw a very fine one on myself….

But it’s not a thick one either, and yet,this Hypersharp Liner was able to open up my eyes naturally, no dramatic look at all!

From my side view,

Here’s the Before & After photo!

When comes to eyemakeup removal, i have no problem in removing it with using Fancl MCO. 😀

And didn’t i mention that this Hypersharp Liner is so fine that we can use it to draw arts on our face? Yes yes it’s TRUE!

Above image is scanned by myself.

And right now, there’s a fashion/makeup show coming up from Maybelline and a few other sponsors.

Maybelline Hypersharp Liner will be there to demonstrate to you its beauty!

See the design which was drawn on the model’s face below? Gorgeous eh!

If you are interested in the tickets, grab them fast as the tickets are moving very fast!

More details at Maybelline facebook fanpage!


7 thoughts on “#Review# Maybelline HyPeRSharP LineR

  1. Hi, I was wondering, it is a LIQUID eyeliner right? Is it easy to draw? Does it smudge when it comes into contact with tears or water? I’m desperately looking for an eyeliner that doesnt smudge and can be drawn on my lower eyelids! The ones that I’m using always smudges! Thank you for your help! 😀

    • Hi Amanda!
      it doesn’t smudge when in contact with water/tears. but for liquid liner, i don’t think it is advisable to apply on lower eyeline (waterline), you may hurt your eye if you are not careful enough. If you are to apply on your waterline, you will have to pull your lower lid away from your eyeball so it can dry a little, there will be like too much of the delicate skin pulling. Also, you will have to apply as close to your eyelashes as possible, to avoid the liquid eyeliner from getting into your eyes.

      A gel or a pencil eyeliner is still a better choice for waterline, eyeshadow can help in defining the eyeline too.

      For me, I use IPSA Ultra Fine crayon (retractable) for my waterline. It is very fine for drawing and smudging is minimal. You can also touch your powder around the eye areas to prevent smudge. Smudging usually occurs because the skin is oily, touching up some powder helps to remove the oil. 😀

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