Outfit of the day – 17 June 2011

Outfit worn to Xuan’s 21st birthday party (in June) which the colour theme was pink.

It’s a 2-piece outfit, pink top and bandaged skirt in black.

I believe this kind of outfit has been in trend since few months ago.

Escpecially the top, it is like selling everywhere in town at dirt cheap prices.

But this piece which I have chosen is a little different due to its pearl sequins at the armholes.

To make myself more different from the others, accessories help!

I picked this butterfly necklace from sputnikmuffin.com.

Then, a pair of earrings which are of different design on both ears.

These earrings are bought years ago but am so glad they are still in very good condition! I love them a lot due to its unique design.

With an outfit which is quite common, but with the correct accessories, I don’t have to worry about bumping onto someone wearing the same as me, because I know I have dressed at my best, and better than them!


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