Get Confidence with Clear Skin, with Acnes Medicated Skincare

Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Skincare is the number 1 Antibacterial Skin Care Brand in Japan. It is a proven effective Medicated Skin Care, targeted for teenagers and young adults who are facing skin issue on acne.

Acne breakouts due to overproduction in oil sebum on the face. During Adolescences stage (puberty), the hormones in the young people are pretty active, and the skin tends produce alot of oil sebum onto the skin’s surface.

High production of oil sebum will mean high chances of breaking out from acnes and pimples.

With so much oil sebums and dirts from the surrounding air, acnes and pimples are easily formed. Without proper care, acnes and pimples may form scar on the face. This is going to affect the confidence level in every individual.

Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Skincare has a suitable Acne Skincare regimen can help to solve these acne/pimple problems, bringing back the confidence level to the young people!

When comes to acne, last minute acne-care is not going to help much, even if it helps, the results may take a long time to reveal.

For those with acne-prone skin, regular acne-care is strongly recommended. A proper acne skincare regimen will include a cleanser, toner and a moisturizer. on top of that, keeping a acne gel at all times to further “kill” or prevent any “upcoming” acne.

Thanks to The Sample Store and Mentholatum, I am sponsored a twin pack which consists of a cleanser and an acne gel to try out.

Inside this pack are 1 tube Sealing Gel and 1tube  Creamy Wash, both are specially medicated skincare, targeting on acne and oily skin.

A must-have item to combat acne, will be the cleanser!

This is the Creamy Wash from the Acnes Skincare range.

Leakage-proof packaging, messy-free when squeezing out the cleanser.

I don’t feel it as a creamy wash, it’s somewhere between creamy and gel-like texture. Quite similar to those foam cleanser texture, but it is not as soft as that. Very easy to lather.

Apply  moderate amount on damped palms, follow by some lathering on the face. I have tried it, the cleanser works well on dry face!

Do not be overwhelmed by my photo below which shows the foams created during lathering. The white patch on my skin is not bump or roughness, it is the foam created during lathering.

The foams are not alot as compared to most foaming cleanser. This is important because some foaming cleansers may dry up the skin.

Yes, for acne-prone/oily skin, they need the foaming cleanser to remove the oil and dirts, but remember, we also won’t want our skin to be dried up after a long-term use. This is why I feel Creamy Wash is “killing two birds with one stone”. It acts like a foam cleanser but at the same time it is less harsh to the skin by not drying it too much.

In terms of fragrance, yes, I do smell something from this cleanser. But it’s neither floral not sweet scent. It’s just something that smells cooling, refreshing and light. No scent of medication at all.

After lathering, rinsing the face is the next step of course! I enjoy my rinsing session the most! Just a few splashes of water onto my foamy face, the foams and soapy feel are gone!

My face feels fresh and clean, smooth and soft after cleansing it with Creamy Wash.

Next, it is this ACNES medicated Sealing Gel.

Comes in a very slim tube, with tightening cap to prevent leakage.

Squeeze out the appropriate amount and apply on the targeted area.

Massage around the acne area and follow by some dabbing to ensure the sealing gel has been absorbed into the skin.

It leaves a matte and non-sticky finish on the target area, skin feels a cooling sensation.

The application area feels good! Just one-time application, it is not enough to diminish the acne. Gota apply regularly till the acne has subsided.

For those who have serious acne-prone skin, Acnes Medicated Skincare has a full skincare range to help you prevent & clear your pimples!
Seems to me that in terms of drugstore brands,Mentholatum Acne Skincare is the only one with such full range of products targeting on acne! There’s even a clay mask inside the range?!

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2 thoughts on “Get Confidence with Clear Skin, with Acnes Medicated Skincare

    • yep, it’s a roll-on thing.
      It can help to cool (cooling effect) the target area.
      As you roll-on, you will some serum (water texture) which is easily absorbed into the skin. :p

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