#Review# Za Cutie Curl Mascara – VOLUME * LONG LASH

Gotten these two mascaras long time ago, so long that i could not remember the price. all i can remember is, i got them from John Little (JL) Expo Sale. JL sale is the best time to stock up this brand because it is 20% + 20%, and if you are JL member, you get to enjoy 3% or 5% cash rebate in your next credit card bill!

Za Cutie Curl has got 2 types of mascara, Long Lash for lengthening, Volume for volumizing.

I usually use both together, preferrably the Long Lash first, followed by Volume.

But have to be careful of not over coating, too many coats tend to clump my eyelashes.

I didn’t manage to do a good job for this review, was in a rush of time when i took this photo.

From the uneven lengths on my eyelashes, those longer ones are actually the results from Long Lash. The extra length which Long Lash can give is amazing if you have the skill. i am not a guru when comes to applying mascara, so this is roughly what i usually get from Long Lash.

The curls were there and very long-lasting. No smudging on my oily eyelids.

On some days when i applied very well, i did receive compliments from colleagues who noticed the difference.

In this review, the volumising isn’t very obvious here. But there’s definitely some thickening (darkening) on my eyelashes after applying the Volume.

Sharing with you the mascara bristles…

The mascara does dry up fast but still allow me to use for 3 months.

Notice the difference in the bristles when i place them side by side….

Check out the “spiral” of the bristles…

Application was easy. Just that for the Long Lash, there are times when i will smudge my eyelids while stroking up upwards.

For those who don’t want to invest too much on a mascara, i feel this is worth a try.


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