#Review# Tony Moly Nail Enamel Milky Mint MK06

Here’s my review on one of the colours from Tony Moly nail enamel milky range, Milky Mint MK06. I bought it from the newly opened TM store in JB, usual price was RM 10.90 but I had only spent RM7.20 during their promotion period.

You won’t believe it, I had my nails painted while travelling on a coach! I don’t believe in investing alot for top/base coat, most of the time, I pick  TheFaceShop’s transparent coat to be used as my base/top coat.

See the mint chewy gum with my nails? NAISE eh!

It was really not easy to get my nails done on a moving coach. Transparent coat was easy, I didn’t have to worry about smudging all over my nails and cuticles.

But for the colour, I had to be fast and swift! Yes, it’s true, I couldn’t be slow else the longer I stroked the brush, the more smudge I would have!

MK06 might look nice on my nails, but I had to applied 3 coats to really get the mint I wanted. For some of my fingernails, 2 coats were not enough, I was able to see vertical streaks of paint on my nails, meaning uneven paint, very ugly. So no choice, I had to apply 3rd coat on them, which was already considered quite thick.

Imagine, 1 basecoat + 3 colour coats + 1 topcoat = 5 coats on the nails?? :O

Nevertheless, I quite like this Milk Mint from Tony Moly, very sweet-looking colour on my nails.


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